Revealing the Identity of the 9th Victim of Mbah Slamet, the Dukun of Banjarnegara

Revealing the Identity of the 9th Victim of Mbah Slamet, the Dukun of Banjarnegara
Revealing the Identity of the 9th Victim of Mbah Slamet, the Dukun of Banjarnegara


Another identity of the victim of sadism, Mbah Slamet or Slamet Tohari, the Banjarnegara shaman who multiplies money, has been revealed. The victim is known as Kuwat Santosa, a resident of Ngemplak, Sleman, DIY.

With the revelation of this identity, a total of nine victims of the shaman Mbah Slamet have been identified. Meanwhile, there are three more victims who have not been identified so far.

Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes M Iqbal Alqudusy, said a DNA examination was carried out along with comparative evidence and then the identity of the victim was found out.

“Following DNA examination with comparative evidence from families with DNA profiles from four unidentified bone samples, it can be genetically proven that Mr. X’s ribs, hole 6B, were identified as Kuwat Santosa, biological father of Nurul Wasiatil Fadilah from Jogja,” explained Iqbal via short message, Thursday (25/5/2023).

Furthermore, the results were conveyed to the family and the Banjarnegara Police would facilitate the departure of the body to the family if the family wanted it.

“For bodies that have not been identified, the DVI team is still receiving comparative data for antemortem,” he said.

The victim was then taken to Sleman and immediately buried. One of the community leaders in Wedomartani, Sukirno said that Kuwat had been away from home for several years and could not be contacted by his family.

“Maybe since 2018. So far we haven’t been able to contact him for years,” said Sukirno when met, Thursday (25/5).

According to Sukirno, at that time Kuwat went with his neighbors who were both from Malangrejo. Based on the information he received, both of them went to Banjarnegara to meet Mbah Slamet.

It’s just that, the two then separated and the neighbor went home first.

“Only one person returned at that time,” he said.

Sukirno said that the family had tried to find Kuwat’s whereabouts. They even suspected Mbah Slamet, but had no evidence.

After the Mbah Slamet case emerged, the family finally joined in in reporting the loss of Kuwat to the Banjarnegara Police.

“Only after this was uncovered, the links turned out to be true,” he explained.

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