Gorontalo City Police Chief Holds Confidence Friday with Gorontalo Port Loading and Unloading Workers (TKBM)

Gorontalo City Police Chief Holds Confidence Friday with Gorontalo Port Loading and Unloading Workers (TKBM)
Gorontalo City Police Chief Holds Confidence Friday with Gorontalo Port Loading and Unloading Workers (TKBM)

PolrestaGorontalo CityThe Gorontalo City Police Headquarters held routine Friday Confide activities which were led directly by Kombes Pol Dr. Ade Permana, SIK, MH accompanied by KPG Police Chief Ipda Alvan Fauzan, S.Tr.K., MH at the Loading and Unloading Workers’ Office (TKBM) on Jl. Major Dullah, Kel. Talumolo, Kec. Dumbo Raya City of Gorontalo, on Friday (26/05/2023)

This activity was attended by PJU Polresta Gorontalo City, Head of the Traffic Section for Sea Transportation and Port Businesses Representing the Head of KSOP, Representatives of PT. Pelindo, Head of DPW Alfa/Ilfa, Head of DPW Insa, Head of TKBM, Labor Coordinator, Laborers and several Heavy Vehicle Operators.

In his remarks the Head of the Gorontalo City Police said, “I am present at this place accompanied by the PJU Polresta with the aim of getting closer to the community and knowing firsthand what the community is complaining about in the field. I would like to invite the public to become more familiar with the meaning of this area itself, namely Adat which is coded as Syara, Syara is encoded by the Book of Allah and referring to this meaning, there are many reports that we receive triggering every problem from alcohol which we always promote and fight against, and I would like to invite all present here to no longer consume the alcohol and appreciate and interpret what is the Living Philosophy of the people of Gorontalo Province.” KBP Ade Permana said

Meanwhile, there were a number of problems that were raised in this Confident Friday, including within the scope of TKBM where there were many deviant problems, especially related to embezzlement of funds, but they were only resolved amicably and from this incident we represented the other members, which could be resolved legally. Then related to road safety at Pelindo Port related to several incidents that caused motorbike riders to die. And regarding the criminal acts that occurred in the Tenda Village, there were 2 reports that had been reported to the Gorontalo City Police after the post-mortem was carried out and the matter was returned to Tenda Village, therefore there is no clarity about the resolution of the problem.
This was immediately responded to by the Head of the Gorontalo City Police, “Regarding problems at TKBM in terms of reporting, there are 2 things that must be understood, namely Complaint Reports and Police Reports. Complaint reports are usually resolved amicably and it is called Restoration Justice, and for Police Reports there should already be a summons that must be attended by the summoned and from the problem Mr. Ronal Habibi who reported, we will examine it again and we will check immediately where it has been handled. For road problems at Pelindo Port, we always carry out operations which are led directly by the head of ops and visible samapta, and we also ask the port to write to us regarding rush hours at the port and we will coordinate it with direct visibility, along with the city police east and the KPG police for security.” Obviously KBP Ade Permana

Adding to the statement of the Chief of Police, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gorontalo City Police, Kompol Leonardo Widharta, SIK said that regarding criminal matters, the problems that were in Tenda Village basically already had a statement of peace between the two parties made in the Village and assisted by Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa.

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