West Papua Provincial Government Holds Thanksgiving Service for Extension of Acting Governor Paulus Waterpauw’s Decree – Korericom

West Papua Provincial Government Holds Thanksgiving Service for Extension of Acting Governor Paulus Waterpauw’s Decree – Korericom
West Papua Provincial Government Holds Thanksgiving Service for Extension of Acting Governor Paulus Waterpauw’s Decree – Korericom

Koreri.com, Manokwari– The West Papua Provincial Government held a thanksgiving service for one year of service and an extension of the term of office of the Acting Governor, Komjen Pol. (Purn) Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Sc. The service took place full of wisdom attended by OPD and ASN leaders from West Papua, centered on the PKK building, Arfai.

Welcome remarks by the Acting Regional Secretary of West Papua, Dance Sangkek, SH., MM stated that the extension was not accidental, but God’s time to see a sign of wonder in the province that we all love. Sangkek said, the presence in the first session had given a special assessment so that the Central government would give back confidence, automatically there would be a strong message for West Papua.

It was acknowledged that the presence of the Acting Governor of Waterpauw provided many new things, one of which was a culture of fast work, teamwork and collaboration being important points.

“The first period I saw a work culture, fast work, team work and directly on the field not in the workspace. In this period, our lessons have to be proven even more real in West Papua,” he explained.

Acting The regional secretary called on all parties to stop viewing things for themselves but to stand up and give support to those who have been appointed as leaders.

“Representing all ASN welcomes Kaka with great optimism that there will be changes in West Papua. Let’s end our point of view for ourselves but we have to be civil servants who are obliged to provide support to someone who is called a superior or governor as a leader,” he hoped.

Acting Governor of Waterpauw said it was necessary to realize who we are, without God’s inclusion we would not be able to do everything so that praise and thanksgiving must be offered. He also focuses on seeing various things so that the community can grow and develop, like other regions.

As a child of the nation who is subject to rules and obeys principles, Acting. The Governor of Waterpauw interpreted his presence as a mandate by really carrying it out.

“I always remind the OPD leadership, our main function is what we are here for. We’re not here to intrude. We are here to look for solutions provided by the state, starting from bringing it to central policy,” he explained.

He also reminded that the role as a Special Autonomy Region must be utilized as well as possible in order to improve people’s lives. In addition, the provision of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) has been determined directly by the central government to mean that it is right on target.

“While we are still being given a mandate, let’s all accept everything related to our respective roles. We’ll see which part of society’s life must be addressed. My wish is that we quickly change and encourage this so that people’s lives are avoided or their lives are elevated,” he stressed.

Another emphasis relates to accelerating handling, eliminating stunting and extreme poverty in West Papua which is the focus and task of the central government. Apart from that, in boosting original regional opinion, it is mandatory to have investors, so that people’s understanding that they are still with the nature of Malang, asking for rations and others can be eliminated.

“Tell them that we support state and government policies, all of which lead to the community. I want to give a message, without the support and assistance of the community, all government programs are meaningless,” said the Acting Act. Governor of Waterpauw.


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