Demonstration Village Devices in DPR, Traffic Jam Gatot Subroto!

Demonstration Village Devices in DPR, Traffic Jam Gatot Subroto!
Demonstration Village Devices in DPR, Traffic Jam Gatot Subroto!


The police carried out traffic engineering on Jalan Gatot Subroto in front of the RI MPR/DPR building, Central Jakarta, this morning following a mass demonstration. The police said that the demonstrators this morning were village officials who are members of the Indonesian Village Apparatus Association (PPDI).

Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Director Kombes Latif Usman said the masses from PPDI had arrived since 06.00 WIB earlier.

“The demonstration is from PPDI (Indonesian Village Apparatus Association). It has come from 06.00 WIB,” said Latif when contacted detikcomWednesday (25/1/2023).



Latif said the traffic around the DPR was congested. However, the traffic closure has not been enforced.

“The traffic is dense, yes. We don’t close the traffic, we just manage it. If the crowds are full, we will divert them,” he said.

Previously, the village heads demonstrated in the DPR on January 17, 2023. They demanded that the village head’s term be extended from 6 years to 9 years.

Traffic Engineering

The police carried out traffic engineering on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta, in front of the MPR/DPR RI complex to be precise. Traffic was diverted due to the demonstration.

This information was conveyed by the official TMC Polda Metro Jaya Instagram account, Wednesday (25/1/2023).

“Current Flow Around the House of Representatives/MPR RI in order to convey opinions on Wednesday, January 25, 2023,” wrote TMC Polda Metro Jaya, seen Wednesday (25/1/2023).

Traffic heading to Jalan Gatot Subroto in front of the DPR will be closed and diverted starting at 08.00 WIB until finished. A number of roads were closed and traffic was diverted due to the demonstration.

“The traffic transfer will be carried out on Wednesday 25 January 2021 at 08.00 WIB until it is finished. The community is heading around the DPR / MPR RI building to find another alternative way,” wrote the TMC Polda Metro in an upload of the traffic engineering scheme.

The following is the diversion route around the DPR:

– Traffic flow from Jl Gatot Subroto towards the DPR/MPR RI building is diverted to the left onto Jl Gerbang Pemuda
– Traffic flow from Jl Gerbang Pemuda in the direction of the DPR/MPR building was turned around under the Pharmacy flyover to JlGate Pemuda
– Traffic flow from inner-city toll roads that will exit at off ramp Pulo Dua is straightened towards the Tomang Highway
– The traffic flow from Jalan Palmerah Timur towards Jalan Gelora will be straightened out to Jalan the Student Soldiers
– Traffic flow from Jalan Asia Afrika is straightened out to Jalan Gelora
– Traffic flow from Jalan Gerbang Pemuda towards Jalan Gelora Gelora, turn left on Jalan Asia Afrika
– The traffic flow from the Slipi direction to Jalan Gerbang Pemuda is closed, straightened out in the direction of Semanggi
– If there is a density of buses at gate 10 which will park at GBK, then before the Semanggi interchange, turn left towards the Senayan Roundabout and be directed to enter through gate 7 of GBK.

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