Honda Jazz Facelift in Europe, Will It Be Brought to Indonesia?

Honda Jazz Facelift in Europe, Will It Be Brought to Indonesia?
Honda Jazz Facelift in Europe, Will It Be Brought to Indonesia?

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HondaJazz the fourth generation which is still popular gets a new touch with a light level or facelift in Europe. The newest Jazz’s face changes from the previous character who looks cute.

Yusak Billy. Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) ensures that the Jazz with a new face will definitely not enter Indonesia. Currently in the hatchback segment, HPM is still focused on selling the City.

“For the hatchback segment in Indonesia, we are focusing on the sportier City Hatchback RS model looksaccording to Honda’s DNA for the hatchback segment,” said Billy when contacted, Tuesday (24/1).

Honda has stopped marketing the Jazz since 2021. This cannot be separated from the change in the design of the Jazz, aka Fit, which has become ‘cuter’ in Japan, while Indonesia is one of the countries that feels that this fourth-generation design is “not suitable” for sale domestically.

Billy also explained that the new generation of Jazz at that time did not suit the Indonesian market because the design was too sleek. Meanwhile, the Indonesian hatchback market needs a hatchback with a sporty design.

Previously, Honda Europe refreshed the Jazz’s appearance, which changed its character, as if there were masculine nuances that Honda was trying to instill in this car. For example, the honeycomb-shaped grille and slatted bumper follow those of other Honda models such as the Accord and Civic.

Honda not only refreshed the Jazz’s appearance, but also the engine and hybrid system.

The electric motor that helps the Jazz’s combustion engine increases its power by 14 PS from before to reach a total of 122 PS. The 1,500 cc engine also gets an increase in power so it can spit out 107 PS. Meanwhile, the total torque generated is 131 Nm.

Honda has also revised the transmission to increase the comfort of use.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]

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