Sadistic! Woman Alleged Kid Kidnapper Burned Alive by Mob in Papua

Sadistic! Woman Alleged Kid Kidnapper Burned Alive by Mob in Papua
Sadistic! Woman Alleged Kid Kidnapper Burned Alive by Mob in Papua

There is a video circulating of a middle-aged woman who is suspected of being a child kidnapper, being rampaged until she is burned alive by a mob.

The video was uploaded by the account @kotaserui on the Twitter social media network on Tuesday (25/01/2023).

In the 29-second video, you can see a mob crowding around a woman suspected of being a child kidnapper.

Residents shouted loudly and expressed their emotions at the woman. A policeman was seen holding the woman when she was splashed with a liquid believed to be petrol from a bottle.

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The atmosphere became more chaotic after the woman’s entire body was soaked in gasoline. A number of men were seen kicking the woman until she fell to the ground.

The woman who was wearing a black and white striped shirt looked drenched and kept being touched by residents. Meanwhile, the police tried to calm the anger of the crowd which seemed to be getting hotter.

Shouts of ‘burn’ began to emerge from residents who were at the location and again kicked the woman repeatedly.

Not long after, the fire suddenly ignited and burned the woman alive.

Residents who were around the woman immediately ran away from the location. Meanwhile, the woman was burned alive and reportedly died.

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It is known that the incident took place in Sorong, Papua on Tuesday (24/01/2023).

“A middle-aged woman in Sorong died as a result of being burned by a mob, at the Kokoda Km 8 Complex, Sorong City, Southwest Papua,” wrote the account @kotaserui on Twitter.

Judging by the @ndorobei.official account on Instagram, the incident was on the side of the main road and was witnessed by many people.

“It is very inhumane and inhumane for a woman who is suspected of being a child kidnapper in the city of Sorong in the KM 8 area to be burned alive by members of the public. Tuesday, January 24, 2023,” wrote a statement on the @ndorobei.official account on Instagram .

The news and the video went viral, creating a commotion on social media. Netizens hope that the police will thoroughly investigate this sadistic incident.


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