The History of the Emergence of Lato-Lato, a Viral Toy That Was Banned in Various Countries

The History of the Emergence of Lato-Lato, a Viral Toy That Was Banned in Various Countries
The History of the Emergence of Lato-Lato, a Viral Toy That Was Banned in Various Countries

BANJARMASIN, – Lato-lato is now popular, not only among children, but also adults. Even social media has also been enlivened by its popularity as an old-school toy which is widely used as a competition arena by some people.

Reporting from Amazon, lato-lato apparently originated from the United States (US). This toy was named after the clakers or knockers that existed around the 1960s.

However, in 1985, two balls that were hung and played until they collided with each other until they made a distinctive sound or sound were prohibited from being traded on the grounds of child safety.

The reason is, at that time the game reportedly injured many children in the US, because the lato-lato ball could break if it was hit too hard so that it hit the user’s eye.

This was corroborated from searches on the internet with the keyword clackers which gave rise to news about the popularity of the toy.

Lato-lato went out for quite a while, until it finally made a comeback in the 90s. The design of this game is updated with plastic material which is generally bright in color.

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In 2017, lato-lato became popular in Egypt under the name Sisi’s Balls, which were intended to satirize President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Sisi’s Ball means President el-Sisi’s testicles.

Because it was called an insult, the instrument that was played began to be confiscated by the police. Until now, lato-lato is a game that has reappeared and is very popular.

Not only that, this viral toy was banned from being played in England because it made a very disturbing sound.

Launching Clover Cloud, lato-lato had injured children in England because of its material which could simply explode when it broke. Not a few cases of children who have broken bones due to lato-lato toys.

Lato-lato also became controversial because it was considered to resemble a boleadora, the weapon used by Argentine Koboys to catch game animals.

They call it bolas or boleadora which is a primitive hunting tool, made for catching animals.

This contraption with two balls and a string thrown at the game would catch the animal’s legs or wings. Until finally Lato-lato became the most famous weapon used by hunters. (airlangga)

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