Banten Activists Call Dynastic Politics a Threat to Democracy

Banten Activists Call Dynastic Politics a Threat to Democracy
Banten Activists Call Dynastic Politics a Threat to Democracy

Kabar6-Dynastic politics is still considered a threat to democracy, because there is still intervention from power into the democratic system itself, even though in the process of electing the top leadership through a democratic party.

Family decisions are considered as the voice and aspirations of the community. So that the wishes and conditions of the people are not channeled as they should.

“Even every decision he makes will be wrong, because there will be discrepancies from the results of decisions that do not match the expectations of the people of Banten,” said Nedy, a former KMS 30 activist, Thursday (24/11/2022).

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Dynastic politics cannot be tolerated, because basically power is very close to corruption. Moreover, the dynastic group will use all available resources to maintain its power.

Political education, open political parties, active and critical role of society can minimize the occurrence of political dynasties.

“Political awareness in Banten is still minimal, so this is an opportunity for the feudal dynasties to profit from the lack of public political literacy,” said Uday Syuhada, a Banten academic.

Students as academics who are known as agents of change or agents of change must be able to provide political awareness to the community and play an active role in criticizing the government.

“During the current political situation, the role of students is needed in guarding political awareness of young students and the community, so that quality and dynamic democracy is created,” said Wildan, Vice President of UIN Banten.(Dhi)

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