Resigned as Main Commissioner, Sudirman Said Still Registered at PT Transjakarta Page all

Resigned as Main Commissioner, Sudirman Said Still Registered at PT Transjakarta Page all
Resigned as Main Commissioner, Sudirman Said Still Registered at PT Transjakarta Page all

JAKARTA, – Sudirman Said declared his resignation from his position as President Commissioner of PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta). However, the official process still has to wait for the decision of the shareholders (KPPS).

Because he has to wait for the KPPS, at this time it can be said that Sudirman Said is still the main commissioner at the DKI Jakarta BUMD.

This was stated by Acting Head of DKI Jakarta BUMD Development Agency, Fitria Rahadiani.

According to him, the official process for replacing the main commissioner is still waiting for the KPPS, even though Sudirman Said resigned.

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“The decision for Mr. Sudirman will wait for the KPPS process, even though the person concerned has resigned,” said Fitria to the media crew, Thursday (24/11/2022).

He emphasized that the KPPS will be produced through a general meeting of shareholders (GMS).

“KPPS is the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders,” said Fitria.

On that occasion, he still did not know when there would be KPPS results regarding Sudirman Said’s resignation.

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Fitria is also not sure whether the KPPS will be held in 2022 or next year.

“We’ll see (when the KPPS results come out),” he said.

The news about Sudirman Said resigning as President Commissioner of PT Transjakarta surfaced on November 11, 2022.

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The news about Sudirman Said’s resignation was confirmed by Fitria Rahadiani.

“Yes, it’s true (Sudirman Said resigned),” said Fitria, 11 November 2022.

Sudirman Said served as Commut of PT Transjakarta as of 24 March 2022.

“Our task (as commissioners) is to carry out supervisory functions or management duties assisted by other commissioners’ committee members,” Sudirman said in a written statement at the time.

Furthermore, he said, the commissioner also functions as a thinking partner for the directors and provides advice in managing the company.

At that time, Sudirman said, he still needed to learn a lot to direct PT Transjakarta to be better.

He admits that he is still a newcomer in the world of transportation, especially as the commissioner of DKI Jakarta’s biggest BUMD in the transportation sector.

“As a newcomer, I need to learn a lot. Study the business processes, organizations and challenges that exist in Transjakarta,” said the former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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