Understanding! Dangers of Consuming Raw Fish

Understanding! Dangers of Consuming Raw Fish
Understanding! Dangers of Consuming Raw Fish

KALTENGLIMA.COM– Consuming raw fish is not good for health. Even so, many people like to eat raw fish rather than cooking it first.

In Indonesian society, consuming raw fish is not common. therefore must know the dangers or effects of consuming raw fish directly.

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The reason is, consuming raw fish has a unique texture when eaten. Like the sushi and sashimi dishes. Raw fish food is very popular in Japan.

But many people are wondering about the health and safety of consuming raw fish.

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Reporting from healthline.com, here is an explanation of some of the parasites found in raw fish.

Parasites are animals that eat other living organisms, otherwise known as hosts without offering benefits in return. There are several major parasitic diseases that can be transmitted to humans after consuming raw or undercooked fish. The following are:

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