ANGRY! Couples on Jalan Cempaka Died in Blood, Suspected of Murder Victims –

ANGRY! Couples on Jalan Cempaka Died in Blood, Suspected of Murder Victims –
ANGRY! Couples on Jalan Cempaka Died in Blood, Suspected of Murder Victims –

PALANGKA RAYA, – Couple in Gang Kenanga Died in Blood, Suspected of Murder Victim. The exact location of this incident occurred on Jalan Cempaka, Langkai Village, Pahandut District.

Suddenly, the incident that occurred on Saturday (24/9/2022) at around 00.00 WIB made local residents shocked. People rushed out of their homes after learning that their neighbors had died.

According to the information gathered by the media crew at the scene, this tragic incident happened to a husband and wife (couple) with the initials A and F. Both were found dead in their own house.

Receiving the report, joint police officers from the Central Kalimantan Police, Palangka Raya Police and Pahandut Police visited the scene.

Arriving at the place, the officers immediately conducted a crime scene (TKP). The investigation process took approximately two hours. The officers at that time collected a number of evidences at the scene and asked for a number of witness statements.

The victim’s next door neighbor, Kholillah, said that he also did not know for sure about the incident. Because he was sleeping at the time.

“I’m sleeping again. I know there was this incident when many residents gathered in front of the house,” he said when interviewed by the media crew at the scene.

According to him, at that time he did not hear any suspicious sounds such as screams and others. All of a sudden, there were a lot of people in front of the house, it turned out that the neighbor next door was in such a state.

“There are two victims, they are husband and wife. The victim lives with one daughter. Luckily the child managed to escape,” he concluded.

The two bodies were taken using an ambulance of the Palangka Raya Emergency Response (ERP) volunteer team to Doris Sylvanus Hospital for an autopsy.

Until this news was broadcast, there has been no official statement from the police regarding the exact chronological position of the incident. Officials in the field are currently hunting for the alleged perpetrators. (oiq)

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