Recipe for Making Spicy Cooked Chicken Intestines in the Style of a Delicious Tegal Restaurant

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One part of the chicken that can be made into various delicious snacks is the innards.

One of the chicken innards that are widely sold in Tegal food stalls or warteg is spicy cooked chicken intestines.

In addition to being delicious, the nutritional and nutritional content of chicken intestines should not be ignored.

Because the chicken intestine includes foods with low calorie nutritional value, it also contains other important substances, such as iron, vitamin A, phosphorus, B vitamins and calcium.

Curious about the taste? Here’s a full review of the tools and materials needed to make spicy intestines:

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The main ingredient:

430 gr chicken intestine

2 bay leaves


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23 September 2022 23:55 WIB

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