Realization of state revenue in West Sumatra reached Rp6.85 trillion

Realization of state revenue in West Sumatra reached Rp6.85 trillion
Realization of state revenue in West Sumatra reached Rp6.85 trillion

Padang (ANTARA) – The realization of state revenues in West Sumatra has reached Rp6.85 trillion as of August 2022 or 73.57 percent of the 2022 State Budget target based on data compiled by the local Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury.

“State income in West Sumatra experienced a growth of 38.77 percent or Rp.1,914.21 billion,” said Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury Heru Pudyo Nugroho in Padang, Friday.

According to him, nominally, the realization of the income component consisting of tax revenues reached Rp6.09 trillion or 74.03 percent and grew 60.32 percent. Then non-tax state revenues (PNBP) reached Rp. 764.67 billion or 70.08 percent of the target.

State revenues are sourced from domestic tax revenues and international trade tax revenues or Customs and Excise.

The realization of domestic tax revenues was recorded at Rp. 3,229.88 billion or has reached 61.22 percent of the target in the 2022 State Budget.

He explained that the realization of tax revenue grew 38.61 percent driven by an increase in Income Tax (PPh) receipts due to the Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS) which ended on June 30, 2022 as well as an increase in VAT receipts.

“Nominally, non-oil and gas PPh is still the type of tax that contributes the largest to total domestic tax revenue in West Sumatra with a nominal value of IDR 2,424.59 billion,” he said.

Then by sector, the wholesale and retail trade sector is still the sector that provides the largest contribution to domestic tax revenue reaching Rp957.31 billion or 80.97 percent of the total domestic tax revenue in West Sumatra.

Furthermore, the realization of revenue from the tax component from customs and excise until the end of August 2022 was IDR 2,856.67 billion or 96.97 percent of the 2022 target and grew 94.83 percent.

“This growth was driven by the significantly improved performance of export duty receipts, although import duty revenues contracted compared to the previous year,” he said.

Nominally, customs receipts consist of Import Duties (BM) of IDR 6.8 billion or 83.44 percent of the target, and Export Duties (BK) of IDR 2,849.87 billion or 97.01 percent of the revised target.

He saw that until the end of August 2022, in terms of the performance of the State Budget, state revenues were still positive and the trade balance in West Sumatra Province was still maintained and had a surplus.

“On the other hand, state spending has shown an increase through the disbursement of salaries and allowances for the 13th ASN in July 2022. So it is hoped that it can strengthen the role of the State Budget as a shock absorber during this crisis,” he said.

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