KAN Assessment for West Sumatra 2022, Wako Hendri Septa Expects KAN Sweet Lime to be the Best

KAN Assessment for West Sumatra 2022, Wako Hendri Septa Expects KAN Sweet Lime to be the Best

field, Sumbarlivetv.com — Padang Mayor Hendri Septa welcomed and gave his appreciation to
The Nagari Adat Density (KAN) of Limau Manis representing the City of Padang at the KAN Assessment of Achievements at the West Sumatra Province (West Sumatra) in 2022.

“On behalf of the Padang City Government, we would like to welcome the group of provincial level assessment teams who are currently conducting an assessment of KAN Limau Manis. We hope that KAN Limau Manis will be the best,” hoped the Mayor in his remarks at the assessment event held at the KAN Limau Manis Office, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Sumatran Achievement KAN Assessment Team, Quartita Evari Hamdiana, said that the West Sumatra-level high-achieving KAN assessment was an effort to evaluate and develop KAN in the context of preserving traditional values ​​that would not be obsolete.

“The aspects that will be assessed are institutional aspects starting from the office, organizational structure, office equipment. Then there are aspects of customary administration, aspects of competence and aspects of cooperation between social institutions and other institutions,” he said.

“The point of this activity is that in addition to assessment, it is also coaching so that the role of KAN in the community is always there and is getting better,” he concluded.

The evaluation was attended by the Chairperson of FKKA 9 Nagari Syofyan Datuk Bijo, Chairman of KAN Limau Manis Syarifuddin Dt Bungsu and a number of KAN Chairs including Chairman of KAN Pauh V M. Nazif Malin Basa, Chairman of KAN Pauh 9 Suardi Datuak Rajo Bujang. Chairman of KAN Luki Basri Datuak Rajo Usali and Chairman of KAN Nan 20 Lubuk Begalung H. Admiral Datuak Rajo Sampono.

In addition, the Chairman of KAN Bungus Raizul Mailis Datuak Rajo Nando, Chairman of KAN Teluk Kabung Dasrizal Datuk Putih and Chairman of KAN Koto Tangah H. Alibir Datuak Mudo and others.

Also present were the Head of the Welfare Division of the Padangko Secretariat, Fuji Astomi along with a number of related OPD heads, the Head of Bundo Kanduang Kenagarian Lime Manis, Mrs. Nurbaini and elements of the local community.

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