Lampung’s Budget Absorption is in Good Category

Lampung’s Budget Absorption is in Good Category
Lampung’s Budget Absorption is in Good Category
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Bandar Lampung ( — The achievement of budget absorption in Lampung, which so far has reached 57 percent, is in the good category. When compared to other regions, this achievement is quite high.

“The absorption of the budget in Lampung, which reached 57 percent, is quite good, even though the recommendation from the Ministry of Home Affairs is at least 60 percent. However, when compared to other regions, our absorption efforts are quite maximal,” said Provincial Secretary Fahrizal Darminto, Thursday, September 22, 2022.

He said that the budget absorption that had not reached the target was not due to constrained local revenue (PAD). “It’s not a question of the PAD, but because each regional apparatus organization (OPD) has an activity plan, a plan for budget absorption, and everything goes through a process,” he said.

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As for the regional revenue target, the Lampung Provincial Government initially set Rp6.55 trillion, but in the Amended Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD-P) it was increased by Rp300 billion. “So that the total regional income in 2022 will be IDR 6.85 trillion. Currently, more than 50 percent has been obtained,” he said.

To speed up budget absorption, his party continues to urge all OPD heads to be able to spend the budget that has been proposed. “We have made an appeal and are targeting the end of September to reach more than 60 percent,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Commission III of the Lampung DPRD, Ikhwan Fadil Ibrahim, urged the provincial government to immediately accelerate the absorption of the budget. “The acceleration of the absorption of the budget is to avoid programs that do not run until the end of the fiscal year,” he said when contacted by telephone.

According to him, if the winner is not immediately found during the tender, it must be re-tendered. “Worried that the time is not enough so that the program cannot run. Accelerating budget absorption will also have an impact on improving the regional economy,” he said.


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