Bankrupt, Rasulullah Museum Closes!

Bankrupt, Rasulullah Museum Closes!
Bankrupt, Rasulullah Museum Closes!

The Rasulullah Museum, a mainstay religious tourism icon in the city of Probolinggo, is closed. The reason, because it went bankrupt.

The Probolinggo Education and Culture Office was shocked by this fact. The Head of Culture of the Probolinggo City Education and Culture Office (Disdikbud), Sardi, said that he only learned about the news of the closure of the museum, which is located on Jalan Suroyo, Tisnonegaran Village, from social media and fellow journalists.

“For the closure of the Rasulullah Museum, initially the management was not notified, only learned from social media that the museum was temporarily closed,” said Sardi.



He regretted that the closure of the museum was carried out on social media. They should have been notified in writing.

“It should have been submitted in writing to his side, because the initial written agreement ended with saying goodbye in writing,” he said.

From monitoring secondsJatim on site, all museum entrances and exits are closed. In fact, all the writings of the Prophet’s Museum on the front wall of the museum and near the entrance have been erased.

Not only that, the sticker writing made of black acrylic was also removed and painted white. All the writing on the plywood near the entrance is also missing.

On a separate occasion, the manager of the Rasulullah Museum, Tjoe Yudhis Gatri, said that the Rasulullah Museum was closed because it continued to lose money. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the number of visits dropping drastically.

“It is with a heavy heart that we close. We don’t want to continue to lose, since the implementation of PPKM during the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to close it, I can’t afford it without help from other parties, I can’t manage this Museum of the Prophet alone,” said Yudhis .

Yudis admitted that he would immediately provide written information to the Cultural Division of the Probolinggo City Education and Culture Office.

Yudis added that the relics of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions or artifacts were already in Jakarta. Dozens of artifacts left by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions will be handed over to their owners. Namely, Professor Abdul Manan Embong, from GW (Gallery of Heritage) MAR, Malaysia. However, the owner handed it over to his trusted people in Indonesia.

“We have brought the goods to Jakarta, there is a cooperation agreement, so we return them to the owner. That is a Malaysian citizen. But the owner handed it over in writing to the Indonesians, so I have released the responsibility for the inheritance of the Prophet Muhammad SAW,” said Yudis.

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