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PKB Also Opens Coalition with Golkar: KIB Is More Uncertain

PKB Also Opens Coalition with Golkar: KIB Is More Uncertain
PKB Also Opens Coalition with Golkar: KIB Is More Uncertain

Gerindra talked about cooperation opportunities with Golkar after the meeting of the two presidents, Prabowo Subianto and Airlangga Hartarto. PKB, a political party that is now in a coalition with Gerindra, also welcomes Golkar if it wants to join.

Deputy General Chairperson (Waketum) of PKB Jazilul Fawaid said the commitment of the PKB and Gerindra coalition wanted the elections to be conducted in an orderly, peaceful and joyful manner. Jazilul also ensured that his political parties open communication with all parties ahead of the 2024 presidential election, including with Golkar.

“The commitment of PKB and Gerindra wants the elections to be orderly, peaceful and cheerful, so friendship and communication must continue to be opened with all parties,” Jazilul said when contacted, Friday (23/9/2022).



Not without reason, Jazilul sees the condition of the United Indonesia Coalition which is now increasingly uncertain. Moreover, he said, there is one party in the coalition that is busy solving its internal problems.

“Especially with KIB whose direction is increasingly uncertain,” he said.

“Some are still busy with internal matters,” he continued.

The deputy chairman of the MPR then called his coalition with Gerindra the most solid at this time. It is known that so far there are two coalitions that have appeared on the national political map, namely the Gerindra-PKB Coalition and KIB.

“In my opinion, the most solid coalition at this time is the PKB and Gerindra coalition. However, the dynamics of the relationship between the parties will continue to roll at the final limit towards the registration of the presidential election,” said Jazilul.

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