Collaboration, Justy Aldri – T-shirt Kiosk Promotes NTT Products

Collaboration, Justy Aldri – T-shirt Kiosk Promotes NTT Products
Collaboration, Justy Aldri – T-shirt Kiosk Promotes NTT Products

Kupang, RNC – The “Kios Kaos” store, which always serves modern clothing with a local background in East Nusa Tenggara, is again upgrading its brand. One of them, they are ready to collaborate with East Indonesian artist, Justy Aldrin. In a press conference held at the T-shirt Kiosk Shop, Jalan Frans Seda Corridor III, Kupang City, Thursday (22/9/2022) afternoon, the Owner of the T-shirt Kiosk, Dian Bessi said, Justy Aldrin would be present as the brand ambassador of the T-shirt Kiosk.

This was done, to collaborate with clothing design art and music, to combine in promoting existing products in Eastern Indonesia, especially in the NTT region. “Justy is very well known to the entire NTT community through his works. Seeing such high enthusiasm, we, from local brands in NTT, feel there are similarities,” said Dian.

In addition, there are a number of plans discussed to collaborate on a product that was born between Justy and Kios Kaos. “There is also our collaboration for several projects that we will talk about next,” added Dian. He said, approaching the 10th anniversary of the T-shirt Kiosk, the clothing products produced were in great demand by consumers. Orders are also obtained, not only directly, but there are outsiders or foreign residents who buy.

Their reason is, because the keki shirts and t-shirts that are presented have the uniqueness of NTT, such as the design, the texture of the weaving, and the display of local vocabulary. Dian hopes that with the presence of Justy as a brand ambassador, she can promote the work produced by Kios Kaos. The reason is that the products that are born are based on the ideas and work of NTT children who are members of the T-shirt Kiosk.

In the same place, Justy Aldri admits, works such as clothes in NTT, are quite famous. Moreover, T-shirt Kiosk has a brand that is very popular with residents, none other than because of its good quality and affordable price. He said, a number of songs that were successfully launched, turned out to be the most popular with the people in NTT. Because of that, Justy is very receptive to being a part of NTT, in order to raise local products, such as clothing initiated by Kios Kaos.

“I want to collaborate with Kios Kaos, because it also raises local brands from T-shirts. So to promote the cultural works of the people of NTT in particular, well, “explained Justy. He added that even though he was already a brand ambassador or brand ambassador of Kios Kaos, he would collaborate to produce a number of songs that also featured products from the store. In addition, later fragments of the title and lyrics of the song, can be used as a background on the T-shirts produced by Kios Kaos. “I have also talked with Mrs. Ita, maybe later there will be my works that will come out,” he said. (rnc04)

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