Jambi Deputy Governor asks agricultural unions to improve labor welfare

Jambi Deputy Governor asks agricultural unions to improve labor welfare
Jambi Deputy Governor asks agricultural unions to improve labor welfare

Jambi (ANTARA) – Jambi Deputy Governor Abdullah Sani hopes that through the Regional Deliberation (Musda) of the Federation of Agricultural and Plantation Workers Unions – All-Indonesian Workers’ Unions (FSP3-SPSI) of Jambi Province, the new administrators will be able to pay attention to the welfare of workers which will have an impact on the nation’s economic growth.

“Hopefully this musda can run well, smoothly, fairly and democratically, so that the Jambi Province FSP3-SPSI will move forward with the election of the best leaders and have the best ideas and thoughts, synergize with each other and maintain solidity between members, administrators and the government in developing Jambi Province. towards prosperity and people’s welfare,” said Deputy Governor of Jambi, Abdullah Sani in Jambi Thursday.

“I really appreciate all the administrators and members of the Jambi Province FSP3-SPSI who have initiated the implementation of this musda, where this activity is our joint effort to find the best leaders to advance the organization in the future,” he said.

FSP3-SPSI is an organization that is part of the All-Indonesian Workers’ Union, which has a mandate to fight for the rights of workers working in the plantation and agricultural sectors, while still having to balance the rights and obligations of the companies where they work.

Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) of Jambi Abdullah Sani stated that based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2021 the area of ​​plantation land in Jambi Province was 1,345,186 hectares consisting of several types of plantation crops, where there were many plantations which were an indication of the large potential of workers working in the agricultural sector. plantations in Jambi Province, which means that there are many workers who work in plantations who must have their rights protected as workers by the local government.

The Jambi Provincial Government has given great attention to the development of the agricultural sector which has become a priority, namely improving the quality and availability of irrigation networks, clean water and dams, increasing and developing the agricultural sector, food security, marine and fisheries.

The Jambi Provincial Government continues to synergize with the central government, district/city governments throughout Jambi Province, vertical agencies in Jambi Province, academics, the business world, and the community, trying to improve the welfare of workers and farmers in Jambi Province.

The FSP3-SPSI was asked to further strengthen the organization’s internal consolidation and accelerate work programs for the welfare of the workers who are members of this organization, as well as to provide guidance to all workers, especially those working in agricultural and plantation companies.

Increasing the “skill” of workers is very good, because it is in line with the needs of company owners, namely looking for skilled workers, so that in the future there will be mutual synergy and cooperation and good relations between the company and workers will be realized.

“I also remind that things that have become our common concern, lately there have been so many strategic issues related to labor which are often used as commodities for political interests and I advise that labor politics must be in line with development goals and programs, while maintaining security and order in society. “said Abdullah Sani.

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