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Gorontalo Ferry Schedule Today, Friday (23/9/2022)

TRIBUNGORONTALO.COM – Ferry is an inter-island transportation. This ship does not only carry passengers, but also vehicles such as motorcycles, four-wheeled cars and container trucks.

The ferry docked at the Ferry Port, South Leato, Dumbo Raya District, Gorontalo City and Jl Trans Sulawesi Pagimana, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi.

In addition to the Ferry ship, there is also a new ship named KMP Priscilia 88.

The following is the schedule for today’s Ferry, as of Friday (23/9/2022).

KMP Moinit

Capacity: 480 passengers.

Travel time: 11 Hours

Departure time: 20.00 WITA and arrive at 07.00 WITA.

KMP Moiniti is currently off at the Pagimana Ferry Port, Gorontalo Province.

KMP Moinit (

1. Passenger Fares:

– Economy Class: 108 thousand/person

– Business Class: 137 thousand/person.

– VIP class: 180 thousand / person.

2. Vehicle Rates (Changes from time to time):

– Category I – Bicycle : Rp105,500

– Category II – Motorcycles (

– Category III – Motorcycle (>=500CC): Rp349,500

– Group IVa – Car/Sedan (

– Group IVb – Goods Car (

– Class Va – Medium Bus (

– Class Vb – Medium Truck (

– Group VIa – Big Bus (

– Group VIb – Big Truck (

– Group VII – Trailer Truck (

– Class VIII – Trailer Truck (

– Class IX – Trailer Truck (>16m): Rp9,928,500

KMP Archipelago Belt 59

One of the first ships operating in the Eastern Indonesia region was the Sabuk Nusantara 59 ship, also known as the Sea Toll Road.

This ship explored the waters of the Central Sulawesi Sea, such as Banggai, Supply, Una-una, Wakai, Ampana, Bobong, Pagimana, and Gorontalo.

Passenger Capacity: 500 people.

KM Sabuk Nusantara 59 at the Port of Gorontalo. (

Ticket price:

– Adults: Rp. 25,000
– Children: IDR 12,900
– Baby: IDR 6,000

– Item: IDR 40,900

The Sea Toll Ship is currently at the Gorontalo Ferry Port heading to Banggai.

Departure time: 15.00 WITA and arrive at Banggai Port at 07.00 WITA.

KMP Priscilia 88

Capacity: 354 passengers.

Departure time: 14.00 WITA.

Currently KMP Priscilia 88 is at the Port of Gorontalo.

KMP Priscilia 88
KMP Priscilia 88 (

The following are passenger ticket prices:

– Executive class (244 seats): IDR 200 thousand/person.

– VIP class (70 seats): IDR 250 thousand/person.

– VVIP class (40 seats): IDR 300 thousand/person.


BMKG also released the wave forecast for the Ferry Gorontalo crossing for today:

Sulawesi Sea, North Gorontalo, the weather is forecast to be cloudy, the wind direction is from south – west, speed 08 – 20 Km per hour. The wave height reaches 0.5 meters.

Tomini Bay, the weather is forecast to be cloudy, the wind direction is from northeast – southeast, speed 08 – 20 Km per hour. The wave height reaches 0.5 meters.


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