Sad News, Pelalawan Activist Dies After Accident in Banten

Sad News, Pelalawan Activist Dies After Accident in Banten
Sad News, Pelalawan Activist Dies After Accident in Banten

PANGKALANKERINCI (RIAUPOS.CO) – Sad news has enveloped the people of Pelalawan Regency. The reason is that one of the regional youth leaders who has the motto “The Good Luck of the Seiya Sekata Country”, namely Said Abu Sofyan (SAS) is reported to have died, Thursday (22/9/2022) night.

This activist from Kuala Kampar District breathed his last after several days of intensive treatment at the Hermina Banten Hospital after experiencing an accident on the Serang Toll Road, Banten Province, Sunday (18/9/2022) at around 11.00 WIB.

SAS had undergone surgery due to a bleeding injury to the head. Although slowly responding, SAS, was still relatively unconscious postoperatively. And today (Thursday, 22/9), the best son of this Amanah country’s rice granary area (Kuala Kampar) was declared dead.

“Yes, we are deeply saddened by the death of SAS. This is because SAS is a youth figure of Pelalawan who is known to be sociable, intelligent, and energetic. For that, I hope the prayers of the entire Pelalawan community so that the deceased is given a proper place by the side of the Creator and husnul khotimah, “explained the chairman of the Pelalawan DPRD, Baharuddin SH MH to Riaupos.coThursday (22/9/2022) night via cellular.

The former chairman of the Golkar Pelalawan faction revealed that SAS died on Thursday (22/9) night at around 21.30 WIB. The plan is that SAS will be buried by his family in his hometown in Kuala Kampar District.

“Information from the family, the deceased’s body will be flown from Banten to Pekanbaru SSK II Airport, Friday (22/9) morning tomorrow. Then the body will be immediately brought by the family to be buried at his birthplace in Kuala Kampar,” he explained.

Baharuddin explained that he and several members of the Pelalawan DPRD had visited the deceased at the Hermina Hospital Banten on Wednesday (21/9/2022) last afternoon. And at that time, the condition of the deceased SAS was still unconscious.

“Me and a group of other DPRD members visited the late SAS to hand over the funds that were previously collected from all members of the Pelalawan DPRD to the family. But God has other plans,” said Baharuddin, adding that he is currently in Jakarta to coordinate the APBDP to the local government. Ministry.

The chairman of the Pelalawan DPRD added that the late SAS had a very noble task. Where the late with a group of Pelalawan activists are fighting for the interests of the Pelalawan community, especially Kuala Kampar District. Namely, he plans to go to Jakarta to meet members of the Indonesian House of Representatives, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning of the National Land Agency and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

They want to fight for the right to use (HGU) for PT Trisetya Usaha Mandiri (TUM) in their village to be immediately revoked. But unfortunately, before reaching its destination, the motorized vehicle he was traveling in hit a truck that stopped suddenly on the Serang Toll Road, Banten Province, last Sunday (18/9/2022).

As a result of the accident, Said Abu Sofyan (SAS) was rushed to one of the closest hospitals, namely RS Hermina due to serious injuries to the left side of his head.

“Goodbye Pelalawan Youth leaders. May Allah give you a worthy place by His side,” closed the head of the Pelalawan DPRD.

Report: M Amin Amran (Pangkalankerinci)

Editor: Edward Yaman

The article is in Indonesian

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