No Auction, Budget for 2 Market Projects in Bone Rp 9 Billion Withdrawn by the Center

No Auction, Budget for 2 Market Projects in Bone Rp 9 Billion Withdrawn by the Center
No Auction, Budget for 2 Market Projects in Bone Rp 9 Billion Withdrawn by the Center

The Regional Government of Bone, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) in this case the Trade Office (Disdag) has not yet conducted an auction for the construction of two markets worth Rp 9 billion. As a result, the market project funds financed through the APBN were withdrawn by the central government.

“The funds (Rp 9 billion) are not included in the APBD, but are included in the Watampone KPPN. The budget will be withdrawn because it has not been spent,” said Acting (Plt) Head of the Trade Office, Bone Anwar to detikSulsel, Thursday (22/9/2022).

Anwar explained, Disdag Bone has not completed and submitted the tender documents for the project until the deadline of July 2022. As a result, the central government withdraws the funds because the administrative process is slow.

“I entered in July. I wanted to process it and called all the heads of divisions and section heads, they said they couldn’t because there was no planning and physical auction yet. The time was really tight,” he explained.

According to him, this problem has been coordinated with the Secretary of Bone Regency together with a consultant. However, the result still cannot be continued.

“The Secretary of State asked the consultant whether this (market project) could be completed. The consultant said it couldn’t. So it was stopped,” he explained.

As previously reported, Head of the Bone/Service Procurement Work Unit (UKPBJ) Andi Tenri Olle regretted the slow pace of bidding on the bidding document for the market development project. Moreover, the budget is large enough to be accommodated by the center.

“It’s a shame when the market was not built just because of the delay in submitting the auction. The OPD must submit the submission, lest the budget be withdrawn,” Andi Tenri Olle confirmed, Friday (5/8).

For information, the plan is that the market project in Bone Regency will be built in 2 locations, one of which is in the Koppe area, Liliriawang Village, Bengo District. In addition, it was also built in Pattiro Village, Sibulue District.

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