Pangkostrad: 6 TNI Members Suspected of Mutilating Papuans Most Likely to be Fired – Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command Lieutenant General TNI Maruli Simanjuntak emphasized that TNI members involved in the mutilation case in Mimika, Papua were in danger of being fired. The dismissal is a prison sentence after the TNI soldiers receive criminal sanctions.

“So if in the army the punishment is heavy or even for months, it can actually be fired depending on the crime, it’s an additional punishment if in the military, the criminal law continues to get the additional punishment fired,” Maruli said when contacted, Thursday (22/9) night.

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“Even though he will only commit an ordinary crime, but it affects the norms, he can be fired. Moreover, this is considered an extraordinary crime, yes, it is very likely that if the trial is proven, he will be dismissed, follow the trial first,” he continued.

Maruli explained that the sanction of dismissal could be carried out if the six soldiers were proven to have committed acts or crimes that were considered extraordinary. Like murder with mutilation.

“Oh really, many ordinary crimes have been fired, especially if you look at the incident, it’s an extraordinary crime, so please respect the trial process, the recommendation is also good, it’s just a recommendation,” he said.

“But it’s still the trial that decides. According to them, it has been found that this is an extraordinary crime, premeditated, that’s for sure,” he added.

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Previously, Army Chief of Staff (Kasad) General Dudung Abdurachman reacted strongly to the involvement of TNI personnel in Papua in the mutilation case. He asked the members involved to be fired immediately.

“I hope the person who did that just fires him later,” said General Dudung when confirmed by reporters at the Army Headquarters, JakartaWednesday (7/9).

General Dudung confirmed the involvement of Brigif 20 personnel in buying and selling weapons.

“There are indeed several individuals, although there is a background that there is a plan to buy weapons by the KKB, so the members are provoked, then from the process, they are arrested,” he explained.

He also reminded the ranks of the Army (AD), especially Puspom, to thoroughly process the TNI members involved.

“The process is complete and firm, and I hope the person who did it, just fire him later, because it can’t be like that, the law must be enforced, it can’t be done like that,” said General Dudung.

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