34 Regional Police Implement ETLE Including South Sulawesi, National Police Chief Hopes to Unravel Accidents

34 Regional Police Implement ETLE Including South Sulawesi, National Police Chief Hopes to Unravel Accidents
34 Regional Police Implement ETLE Including South Sulawesi, National Police Chief Hopes to Unravel Accidents

The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that Presisi’s priority program, namely Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) had been implemented in 34 Polda. The presence of ETLE, including in South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), is one of the things that is expected to reduce the number of accidents.

Reported Detik news, Sigit conveyed this while attending the celebration of the 67th anniversary (HUT) of Traffic Bhayangkara, Thursday (22/9/2022). Sigit assessed that ETLE’s breakthrough innovation was very useful in providing services to the community.

He hopes that with the use of technology through ETLE, the fatality rate due to traffic accidents can be minimized as little as possible.

“And then this can be carried out in patrol activities. Especially in places that are prone to accidents so that then we hope that with the increase and the performance of this ETLE, the number of traffic accidents is increasing day by day or from year to year we hope that it will decrease. Because of obedience, obedience, and community discipline in traffic is getting better and this will certainly reduce the potential for traffic accidents,” said Sigit.

In addition to reducing the number of accidents, this innovation is considered very useful in providing the best service for the community. This technology is said to be able to avoid the potential for violations committed by the Police.

“Of course, with the development of existing information technology, the police service will be faster, the better. Of course, how are our efforts to avoid violations and display traffic lines which are one of the police windows that always interact together and deal with the community,” he said.

He hopes that the white-belt police as one of the personnel who are in direct contact with the community must provide optimal service and performance for all Indonesian citizens. This will bring the police closer to the community.

“So that in the future, we hope that the traffic posture, which represents the police storefront, will display a police figure who is firm, authoritative, humanist, and clean. But in the service, of course, it will be closer and loved by the community,” said Sigit.

On that occasion, Sigit also said that he had inaugurated the ETLE program at 8 Polda. Currently, a total of 34 Polda have been implemented.

“Alhamdulillah, along with the 67th Anniversary of Soda, we have completed our priority program, namely the national ETLE which was inaugurated today in eight Polda, so the total has now been completed at 34 Polda,” said Sigit.

However, Sigit still asked all ranks of the Traffic Police Corps to continue to develop and improve the ETLE. According to him, electronic ticketing should not only apply at the provincial level, but must also be expanded to districts and cities.

“Therefore, of course we encourage the regional police chiefs and the police chiefs to continue to coordinate so that this program can really be rolled out to the lowest ranks,” he said.

Sigit also inaugurated the ETLE innovation in the form of a smartphone and smartphone application. With the hope that the electronic ticket is not only stationary or static, but can move dynamically in the field.

The National Police Chief Asks Korlantas to Provide the Best Service

Sigit also requested that the ranks of the Korlantas Polri continue to strive to provide the best service, seeing that Indonesia is hosting the international event of the G20 High Level Conference (KTT) in Bali.

He considered the role of the traffic police to be very central in providing security and safeguards to ensure the G20 Presidency runs smoothly and safely.

The National Police has also prepared 91 Command Centers, by providing a command center with integrated features of the Bali Police and BNDCC assistant posts as a control center for coordination, communication, and information.

The Command Center utilizes the development of information technology with features consisting of CCTV monitoring, Drone monitoring, Body Worn monitoring, GPS Ranmor Patrol monitoring, sub monitoring center, Police Dashboard, Dashboard 110, Precision SOT, BMKG and Weather info.

Then, Inarisk BNPB, monitoring wind speed, weather forecasts at the port, tides and wave heights, flight radar and marine traffic.

“We continue to develop the Body Worn Camera, especially in the G20 Summit activities. This is to complete surveillance and security, related to a series of security processes carried out by the Police. Besides, of course this can help complete the prepared Mobile Apps. But Body Worn of course we do to help improve supervision and other things needed for security and safety,” concluded Sigit.

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