Anies wants to pocket ‘Who’s playing with whom’ in Market Management

Anies wants to pocket ‘Who’s playing with whom’ in Market Management
Anies wants to pocket ‘Who’s playing with whom’ in Market Management

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, gave a warning so that market management would not be involved in self-enriching practices. Anies claimed to know the parties who ‘play’ in market matters.

This statement was made by Anies when he inaugurated four markets at Cipinang Kebembem Market, East Jakarta, Thursday (22/9/2022). Anies was accompanied by the ranks of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government along with the directors of BUMD Pasar Jaya and Food Station Tjipinang.

“Alhamdulillah, today four markets can be inaugurated simultaneously. Cipinang Kebembem Market, West Sawah Market, Tanah Tinggi Poncol Market, and West Tebet Market,” said Anies.



Anies views the market as a place for community interaction. According to him, traditional markets must be built according to the times.

“That’s why the market must be developed according to the times. So I’m happy to see that the market has an Indonesian nuance, but it’s clean and comfortable, it feels modern. This is what is needed,” he said.

Anies hopes that this market renovation can create a healthy food ecosystem from supply to distribution. He also advised market traders to maintain the newly built facilities by fostering a sense of ownership.

“When you see this market, don’t just look at my stall. If you only look at my stall, the others are not taken care of, pay attention, help, give input, take responsibility. That way, this market will be well maintained,” he explained.

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Anies then advised all parties, including traders, directors, and management, to keep the market healthy and not just looking for profit.

“I hope to all of you, ladies and gentlemen, please protect the market, especially the traditional market. Don’t view this solely as all those involved in the opportunity to seek financial gain, but view this as a way to improve the welfare of all,” said Anies.

Anies said all parties involved in the market must help lower the price of goods to become more affordable for the community. He said the market is a place where people look for necessities of life. He warned all parties not to play with people’s lives.

“This seems classic, ladies and gentlemen, but it’s roughly like this, if you want to take the big ones, don’t take matters that concern the interests of the people, because what the people want is only the suffering faced by the community due to price increases. big. So in a place like this, take what is reasonable, take what is normal,” he said.

“And for all those who work in this market, the board of directors and all of its management, don’t just view this as a way to increase coffers at home, but view this as to improve the welfare of all residents in Jakarta,” continued Anies.

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