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Wira-Wiri Tigers, Riau BKSDA Install Trap Cameras

Wira-Wiri Tigers, Riau BKSDA Install Trap Cameras
Wira-Wiri Tigers, Riau BKSDA Install Trap Cameras

Riau: The Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) has installed camera traps around the location where traces of the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) were found in the plantations of Kampar Hulu residents, Kampar Regency, to monitor the movement of the big cat.

Plh Head of Riau BBKSDA, Hartono, said that his party continues to monitor the presence of tigers that may still be around the location. Based on the results of the team’s review in the field, Hartono said, the tiger’s footprints indicate that the striped animal is quite mature.

“At the same location, two tiger tracks have been found. We make sure it is the same individual tiger. He is also an adult,” Hartono said in Pekanbaru, Friday, September 23, 2022.

Although traces were found on plantations, the location of the findings was quite close to community settlements. In addition, the carcass of a monkey that had been torn apart was also found which was allegedly eaten by the tiger.

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His party also carried out socialization and appealed to the local community to remain careful and alert when carrying out daily activities, especially around the forest.

“If people find other traces of these animals, please report them immediately so that we immediately try to provide a sense of security for the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, from January to August 2022, there have been 55 cases of conflict, and in 2019 animal conflicts have resulted in nine deaths and also the death of a number of animals in Riau Province.


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