KPK urges four bribery suspects in MA case management to cooperate – ANTARA News Central Kalimantan

KPK urges four bribery suspects in MA case management to cooperate – ANTARA News Central Kalimantan
KPK urges four bribery suspects in MA case management to cooperate – ANTARA News Central Kalimantan

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) appealed to four suspects in the alleged bribery case in the Supreme Court (MA) to cooperate in responding to the summons of investigators.

Four suspects, namely Supreme Court Justice (MA) Sudrajad Dimyati (SD), civil servant MA Redi (RD) and two private parties/debtors of the Intidana Savings and Loans Cooperative (ID) respectively Ivan Dwi Kusuma Sujanto (IDKS) and Heryanto Tanaka. (HT).

“KPK urges and orders based on the law all parties who have been designated as suspects to attend cooperatively, as follows SD, RD, IDKS, HT,” said KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri during a press conference at the KPK Building, Jakarta, Friday morning. .

He believes that as good citizens, the four of them will cooperate in fulfilling their calling.

“Of course, as a good citizen, I think he knows that it will be announced now, tomorrow all flocks will come. If not, we will look for it, that’s our job,” said Firli.

The KPK has named a total of 10 suspects in the case. Meanwhile, six other suspects have been detained for the first 20 days, starting from September 23, 2022 to October 12, 2022.

The six suspects, namely Judicial Judge/Substitute Registrar of MA Elly Tri Pangestu (ETP), two civil servants at the MA Registrar’s Office Desy Yustria (DY) and Muhajir Habibie (MH), civil servants of MA Albasri (AB) and Yosep Parera (YP) and Eko Suparno (ES) respectively as lawyers.

In the construction of the case, the KPK explained that initially there were criminal reports and civil lawsuits related to the activities of the ID Savings and Loan Cooperative at the Semarang District Court which were submitted by HT and IDKS represented through their legal representatives, namely YP and ES.

During the trial process at the District Court and High Court levels, HT and ES were not satisfied with the decisions in the two courts, so they continued their next legal action at the cassation level at the Supreme Court.

In processing the appeal, the KPK suspected that YP and ES held meetings and communicated with several employees at the Supreme Court’s Registrar’s Office who were considered capable of being a liaison to facilitators with the panel of judges who would later be able to condition the decision in accordance with the wishes of YP and ES.

“The employees who are willing and agree with YP and ES, namely DY, are given a certain amount of money,” said Firli.

Furthermore, DY also invited MH and ETP to participate as a liaison for the delivery of money to the panel of judges.

The KPK also suspects that DY and his friends are representatives of the SD and several parties in the Supreme Court to receive money from the parties who handle cases at the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, regarding the source of funds provided by YP and ES to the panel of judges, it came from HT and IDKS.

“The amount of money which was then handed over in cash by YP and ES to DY was around 202,000 Singapore dollars (equivalent to Rp. 2.2 billion),” said Firli.

Then by DY it was divided again by the distribution of DY receiving around Rp. 250 million, MH receiving around Rp. 850 million, ETP receiving around Rp. 100 million, and SD receiving about Rp. 800 million whose receipts were through ETP.

“With the surrender of the money, the verdict that YP and ES hoped for would certainly be granted by strengthening the previous cassation decision which declared KSP (Savings and Loans Cooperative) ID (Intidana) bankrupt,” he said.

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