National Working Meeting on Accounting and Financial Reporting in 2022, Indonesia Rises Better After the Pandemic

CILACAP – Indonesia is one of the few countries that has succeeded in obtaining Gross Domestic Product (GDP) past the pre-pandemic period or 2019. Indonesia managed to achieve this in 2021.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani at the 2022 Government Accounting and Financial Reporting National Working Meeting at the Dhanapala Building, Ministry of Finance, Thursday (22/9/2022). Raker was held in hybrid and followed by all regions in Indonesia.

Sri Mulyani explained, this achievement could not be obtained by many countries, including ASEAN countries and countries that are members of the G20. In addition to GDP gains, Indonesia is also a country that is relatively very good at dealing with the pandemic.

“Some of Indonesia’s achievements in dealing with this pandemic include Indonesia being a country that is relatively very good at dealing with Covid-19, both from the health to the economic sphere. So that in 2021, a few countries, one of which is Indonesia, can have their GDP past the pre-pandemic period, namely 2019,” he explained.

According to Sri Mulyani, success is due to the role of Ministries and Institutions, as well as regional heads in managing the budget obtained, so that they are able to encourage the level of national economic growth. Covid-19, which continues to mutate, makes policy makers have to change the budget quickly because the APBD and ABPN are extraordinary instruments.

“APBD and APBN are extraordinary instruments countrycyclical and protect society. I really appreciate all parties, from Ministries, Institutions to Local Governments, because deciding on changes that must be fast, responsive to the situation at hand but remain accountable is a combination that is not easy,” he said.

In the 2022 National Working Meeting on Accounting and Financial Reporting, it was also announced that this year more Ministries, Institutions and Local Governments received WTP (Unqualified) Opinions. There are 500 of the 542 Regional Governments that have won the WTP Opinion or 92.25% including Cilacap Regency which has won the WTP for the sixth time.

Cilacap Regency is on the list of Regional Governments that have achieved WTP 5 times in a row or more.

Regional Secretary of Cilacap Regency Awaluddin Muuri along with assistants, officials and staff from related OPD in Cilacap Regency also participated in the online National Work Meeting in the Prasandha Room of the Wijayakusuma Cakti Hall. (mia/kominfo)

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