Who is Jin Seol Ran in Alchemy of Souls 2? Plot Twist Abis!

Drama Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow finally ended through episode 10 which aired on Sunday (8/1/2023). Even though it’s over happy endingthe figure of Jin Seol Ran appears and poses twist for the audience.

Who is Jin Seol Ran deep Alchemy of Souls 2? Check out more below! Be careful with spoilersyes!

1. The greatest female magician in Daeho

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His name is mentioned several times in the first and second seasons. Jin Seol Ran is the strongest female magician in Jinyowon as well as a member of the Jin family.

Jin Seol Ran himself is known to be blind and often wears a blindfold. Even so, his strength alone was unrivaled.

2. Jin Seol Ran helps Seo Gyeong to rain hail

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In the first season, Master Lee tells of a tragedy that happened in the past. At that time, Daeho had experienced a severe drought.

The powerful witch and founder of Jeongjingak named Seo Gyeong tries to restore things to normal. Seo Gyeong also works with Jin Seol Ran to bring hail down. This hail turned into fire, rock, water, and returned to form ice.

3. Have a romance with Seo Gyeong

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Apart from his legendary heroic side, Jin Seol Ran is also known to have a love story with Seo Gyeong. In fact, Jang Uk was challenged to read a poem which became a love letter from Seo Gyeong to Jin Seol Ran.

Uniquely, Seo Gyeong also has a royal-born star like Jang Uk. Seo Gyeong himself kept the ice cube containing Jin Seol Ran’s soul in Jinyowon.

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4. Reborn in Jin Bu Yeon’s body

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Finally it was revealed, it turned out that Puan Jin’s baby had died in the womb. However, Mrs. Jin chose to use the ice cubes stored in Jinyowon to revive Jin Bu Yeon’s baby.

Because he used ice cubes filled with them, Jin Seol Ran, actually Jin Bu Yeon’s body, only became a shell for Seol Ran’s soul. Therefore, Jin Bu Yeon also has strength and was born blind like Jin Seol Ran.

5. Provide a place for the soul of Naksu or Cho Yeong

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Throughout seasons one and two, Jin Seol Ran alternated with Naksu’s or Cho Yeong’s soul in using Jin Bu Yeon’s body. At the end of the episode, Jin Seol Ran finally appears in the form of a child and borrows Bu Yeon’s body to give Jang Uk a vision.

Working together to clean up Hwajo who left Jinyowon, the figure of Jin Seol Ran is willing to give his existing body for Cho Yeong’s soul. Jin Seol Ran’s soul finally disappeared.

The story of Jin Seol Ran himself managed to attract the attention of the audience. Many have asked the production team to make a prequel to the story of the legendary Jin Seol Ran and Seo Gyeong. Well, if the prequel is made, which actress and actor do you think is suitable for playing it?

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