Saka Tahu Kusuma likes Anjani

Saka Tahu Kusuma likes Anjani
Saka Tahu Kusuma likes Anjani

Today’s Substitute Husband, Saka knows that Kusuma wants to approach Anjani, but he intends to block it.

Antv – In the previous episode of Substitute Husband, Dita confronted Dinda because she felt that Dinda was always bothering Saka.

On the other hand, Kusuma explained to Anjani that he was not the one who set fire to his office. He even confessed his love for Anjani.

Well, curious about the story that will happen in today’s episode? Check out the synopsis in the following discussion!

Synopsis of Substitute Husband episode 205

In today’s episode, Saka finds evidence of Dante manipulating taxes. Saka asks Dante to fix this because otherwise the company will lose money because of Dante’s actions. Dante fires his employee who provided tax data to Saka.

On the other hand, Dita wanted to pay, but she couldn’t use her ATM card, so Dita was detained in the restaurant. Meanwhile, not far from the restaurant, Anjani met Kusuma again and looked at Kusuma with disapproval. Kusuma continued his speech but at that time there was Niken who was there and listened to Kusuma’s words.

When Niken went to the restaurant, Niken met Dita and deliberately told Dita that Kusuma had a crush on Anjani so that Dita would be provoked and Anjani’s family would be noisy.

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