The Story of a Yoga Teacher Seduced by Adam Levine, Feeling Treated Like Trash


After Sumner Troh admitted to being an affair with Adam Levine for a year, several women emerged who revealed the same thing. So far, there are five women who say they have been sent flirty messages. One of them is Adam’s former yoga instructor, Alanna Zabel. Alanna has a different story from other women because it ends up harming and even feeling like trash.

Alanna Zabel became Adam Levine’s yoga teacher a dozen years ago but she has a story to forget. In her recent Insta Story upload, the woman claimed to have been sent a message ‘I want to spend the day with you naked’ which was said to have changed her life. Because of that one sentence, Alanna lost her boyfriend and job.

“I was his yoga instructor for several years from 2007-2010. He used to tell his friends that his yoga teacher had the best butt in town and it was adorable.



alana zabel Photo: Instagram @aziamyoga

“One day he texted saying, ‘I want to spend the day with you naked’. I was in the shower at the time but my jealous ex saw it and got mad. I assured him I believed it was for Adam’s then girlfriend, Becky, and it was a mistake. ,” he wrote.

Because her ex is very suspicious, Alanna asks Adam to make sure that the Hollywood celebrity is wrong. But he doesn’t even get an answer which makes him the target of his ex’s violence. After that, Adam broke up with Alanna so he also lost his job.

alana zabel Photo: Instagram @aziamyoga

Alanna admitted that she knew that their relationship was not a romantic relationship but she was disappointed with Adam’s attitude, which she considered as a friend. “I felt like we cared about each other but he isolated me at a very sad time,” says the author of As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality.

“It’s not about love affairs or flirting messages, it’s about being a good human being. Friends don’t treat each other like trash and that’s how he treats me,” she said.

The woman reveals her decision to reveal this story as a healing process. “Saving this pain while I’m taking a lot of precious energy to endure and to heal we have to let go,” said Alanna.


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