Najwa Shihab’s Shocking Message, Sindir Nikita Mirzani?

Friday, 23 September 2022 – 13:51 WIB

VIVA Showbiz – Presenter Najwa Shihab managed to bring home the trophy at the Indonesian Television Awards 2022 award on Thursday, September 22, 2022. The 45-year-old woman even managed to reap achievements by winning the Most Popular Inspirational Public Figure category. On the sidelines of the award ceremony, he also had time to express his happiness.

Najwa Shihab, who was later flicked by Nikita Mirzani, hopes that the award he gets can be an encouragement for him. The reason respondents chose Najwa Shihab as the Most Popular Inspirational Public Figure is because of her figure who is known to be intelligent, loud, brave, patriotic, and motivating and always sets a good example.

“Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin, thank you very much for this award. It’s as simple as that actually what I did and so many other journalists did, voice what we consider important, there are many truths, sweet or bitter that all of them must dare to be discussed together today, ” said Najwa quoted from YouTube.

Undeniably, the host of Mata Najwa, in an effort to find the truth in revealing something, must always be accompanied by an attempt to break down the guts through intimidation. According to him, journalists or anyone else will experience fear because certain parties are afraid to reveal the truth.

“Anyone can experience that, including the friends who are here tonight, the friends who are standing on this stage. Friends are a group of people who are so easy to love because they are popular because of their work and also because of the everyday actions they take. inspiring,” added Najwa Shihab.

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