The name Rio Haryanto appears, Larissa Chou is targeting to remarry at the age of 27

The name Rio Haryanto appears, Larissa Chou is targeting to remarry at the age of 27
The name Rio Haryanto appears, Larissa Chou is targeting to remarry at the age of 27

Suddenly the name Rio Haryanto appeared in Larissa Chou’s life. Larissa Chou’s party, Adit the manager, denied the news that Alvin Faiz’s ex-wife would marry the racer.

Since the divorce from Alvin Faiz, Larissa Chou has never been seen close to a man. Even though it was said that there were hundreds of men who asked him to study after his separation from Alvin Faiz.

Larissa Chou said that no man could believe himself to the point of getting married again.



“No one has been able to reach that stage yet,” said Larissa Chou when met in the Senayan area, South Jakarta.

This mother of one child is still 26 years old this year. Meanwhile, he has a desire to remarry next year.

“I want to get married at the age of 27. I hope you can open your heart,” he said kindly.

“There hasn’t been (a man who made her fall in love),” admitted Larissa Chou.

Larissa Chou admits that she is still very happy living as a single parent. She spends a lot of time working and raising her baby, Yusuf.

“I personally still enjoy myself now. When I’m ready to open my heart, there will be a time for me to open my heart,” said Larissa Chou.

Regarding the desired future husband, Larissa Chou said that she wanted not to come from a famous figure. This is one of the criteria for a prospective husband that Larissa Chou wants.

“If I don’t want to be famous,” said Larissa Chou.

The issue of Larissa Chou’s closeness with Rio Haryanto suddenly became a hot topic of discussion. Larissa suddenly received many congratulations.

Meanwhile, Rio Haryanto is reportedly close to a woman who is known to be the niece of Sandiaga Uno’s wife. Rio Haryanto has not yet provided any clarification.

Adit, the manager of Larissa Chou, said that this was just a rumor and slanted news.

“That’s not true, it’s just an issue,” said Adit to detikcom, Thursday (22/9/2022).

Adit explained that until now Larissa Chou is still focused on her baby, Yusuf and wants to develop her career. Although many have tried to invite him to ta’aruf, Larissa Chou doesn’t want to think about it.

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