Man Who Has 8 Wives Claims To Be Spornsexual, What Is It?

Man Who Has 8 Wives Claims To Be Spornsexual, What Is It?
Man Who Has 8 Wives Claims To Be Spornsexual, What Is It?

Model and influencer Arthur O Urso is a sensation because he has eight wives. Now, he claims to be a sexist man. What does the term mean?

Spornsexual is a term coined by journalist and pop culture observer Mark Simpson. The term is an update of metrosexual. As quoted from The Telegraph, Mark explained that spornsexual means ‘sport’ and ‘porn’.

Mark sees that times are shifting where the two main components of men who are considered ideal are those who are diligent in exercising, and also often watching porn.



Arthur himself admitted that he is currently focusing on sports to get an athletic body with six packs abs. The Brazilian man said that this was the demands of his eight wives.

“They demanded that I be fit, otherwise I would be lectured,” he admitted, as quoted by the Daily Star.

Arthur is also known to often watch porn with his wives. The term spornsexual also fits his lifestyle.

In addition to diligently exercising, Arthur also maintains his fitness with a strict diet. “I don’t eat gluten, lactose, and even bread or pasta,” she explains.

Not long ago, Arthur’s life which was considered wild made the public upset. Arthur’s polygamous life is considered misleading.

Arthur’s new house, which he called the ‘free love mansion’, was scribbled with hate. The vandalism scribbled on the wall asked his wives to leave.

“Demon family, go away, you are not welcome,” was the scribble on the wall of Arthur O Urso’s house.

He admitted that he was not wrong by building houses for his wives. “I did nothing wrong by building a house for me and my wife. We just want to live in peace. We consider every form of love to be fair,” he explained.

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