Was Indonesia Invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral?

Was Indonesia Invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral?
Was Indonesia Invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on Monday (19/9) UK time. A number of world leaders will attend the funeral of the late British queen.

Around 2,200 guests are expected to attend the British royal funeral, the first in six decades. The thousands of guests ranged from heads of state to kings and queens around the world.

A number of world heads of state, such as the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Emperor of Japan, Naruhito, have arrived in England since Sunday (18/9) to attend the queen’s funeral procession.



However, Britain did not invite a number of countries such as Russia and Myanmar. Thus, President Vladimir Putin will not come to this event.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), was also absent even though he was expected to attend. Saudi Arabia was finally represented by Prince Turki bin Mohammed al Saud.

How about Indonesia?

Indonesia was also invited to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. However, President Joko Widodo did not attend the process and was represented by the Indonesian Ambassador in London.

“The British government confirms that invitations for Heads of State/Head of Government can be represented at the Ministerial level, high-ranking officials or Ambassadors,” said the spokesman for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Teuku Faizasyah, quoted from CNNIndonesia.com Friday (16/9).

“In this regard, the Indonesian Government will be represented by the Indonesian Ambassador to London, Dr. Desra Believe, to participate in the entire series of State Funeral activities,” he added.

The Queen’s funeral procession will begin with the transfer of the coffin from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon. In the procession, members of the royal family will walk behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin-carrying carriage.

British Navy troops will carry Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.

The queen’s coffin would be carried in a cannon carriage and escorted by the troops. Coffin escorts totaled 142 personnel. They will run together and some act as brakes if necessary.

After worship at Westminster Abbey and another lengthy procession, Queen Elizabeth’s body will be buried in Windsor, next to the grave of her husband, Prince Philip.

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