Balenciaga Plastic Bottle Flip Flops Are Amazing, Turns Out This Is a Fact

Balenciaga Plastic Bottle Flip Flops Are Amazing, Turns Out This Is a Fact
Balenciaga Plastic Bottle Flip Flops Are Amazing, Turns Out This Is a Fact

Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga is always viral on social media thanks to its quirky products that cost fantastically. After the trash bag and shoelace earrings, a pair of flip-flops in the shape of an old plastic bottle appeared.

The sandals had shocked the virtual world until many thought the fashion house made by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga was actually selling them.

It all started with an upload on Instagram @neondazer claiming to be an artist and designer as stated in his profile bio. On August 25, 2022, he uploaded photos showing a flip-flop with a bottom like a flattened used plastic bottle.



In another photo, Justin Bieber is posing while wearing the sandals and carrying a black Classic City bag, one of the iconic Balenciaga classics. There are even photos such as screenshots from the Balenciaga website accompanied by price information, making it even more convincing that the sandals really exist.

Many local media have already reported that Balenciaga released the sandals. In fact, it is only the fruit of Neondazer’s own imagination, as written in the first photo, “Bottle slippers concept by Neondazer”.


“When this idea came to me, I thought: How strange! But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Balenciaga would make something like this,” wrote the photo caption.

According to this ‘digital creator’ from Russia, it is not impossible that these sandals will exist one day considering Balenciaga’s track record in creating fashion items that make forehead frown. “They removed the earrings from the shoelaces, smashed the Paris sneakers, and trench full of bird droppings, so this bottle fits perfectly,” added Neondazer, who also visualized a Balenciaga helmet inspired by sneakers Yeezy.

On the other hand, Neondazer’s sandals are believed to represent a glittering irony in the fashion world. Inspiration can come from anywhere, without exception humanitarian crises such as poverty and hunger.

In his upload, Neondazer also featured a screenshot of a quote from Kanye West’s Instagram. It read, “Look kids, look at the homeless as inspiration for all designs.” A photo of a pair of legs on a plastic bottle on a barren land as a cover.

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