Glance at the Role of Amino Acids for Sports and Preventing Injuries

Glance at the Role of Amino Acids for Sports and Preventing Injuries
Glance at the Role of Amino Acids for Sports and Preventing Injuries – So far the presence of amino acids is an organic compound that makes up protein nutrients that have very important functions for the body, especially for sports activities.

Because it is important, it is necessary to educate the public, including sports activists, regarding the importance of amino acids to support sports performance and prevent injury.Also Read: Culinary Business Still Stretching Amid the Threat of a Global Recession, RamenYa! Give Evidence

“Amino acids consist of essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids have several functions such as helping to repair muscle tissue, and function as energy producers for the body. Some of these functions are of course very necessary to improve sports performance and reduce muscle soreness during exercise,” said PT Ajinomoto Indonesia Product & Nutrition, Sakinah, Thursday (11/24/2022).

“We can think of the protein as a house, and these amino acids are the bricks, or the smallest unit that makes up the (protein) house. Of the 9 essential amino acids, there are leucine, isoleucine, and valine (BCAA) which have a very important role in supporting sports performance. So BCAAs are needed to increase muscle mass, so that the process of protein synthesis becomes maximal. In addition, this BCAA also functions to reduce muscle fatigue and also accelerate the process of muscle recovery, “he continued.Also Read: Participating in Educating the Nation’s Life, BBW Holds a Cheap Book Bazaar

According to Sakinah, based on previous studies, BCAA supplementation can help improve performance in athletes who are doing endurance training by as much as 20%, and can also extend the duration of sports by up to 17% if BCAA supplementation is given 1 hour before sports activity.

In addition to essential amino acids, it turns out that nutrition has an important role in supporting sports performance. Ajinomoto through the ‘Winning Meals Kachimeshi’ program supports athletes and sports activists through planning nutritious menus, and providing controlled nutrition guidance according to daily training needs.Also Read: The Importance of Vocational Training for Superior HR

Meanwhile, aminoVITAL is an amino acid jelly drink flavored with apples, a sport drink from Japan to help athletes.

“One contains 3,000 mg of amino acids and 1,640 mg of BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valin) and has been certified halal for athletes and sports activists,” said New Business Manager of PT Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia, Melisa Margaretha.

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