Just Know Tonight, How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Until Completely The Capital Is Only Brown Sugar, No Need To Use Mosquito Repellent Anymore – All Pages

Just Know Tonight, How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Until Completely The Capital Is Only Brown Sugar, No Need To Use Mosquito Repellent Anymore – All Pages
Just Know Tonight, How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Until Completely The Capital Is Only Brown Sugar, No Need To Use Mosquito Repellent Anymore – All Pages

SajianSedap.com – Mosquitoes are insects whose presence is very disturbing comfort.

It can be present anytime and anywhere, even in the house.

When mosquitoes bite the body, it will make the skin red and itchy.

In fact, it can also cause life-threatening health problems such as dengue fever to malaria.

So many people want to kill or repel mosquitoes as soon as they are present in the house.

The method that has been commonly used is using mosquito coils or mosquito spray.

While this is a powerful method, using it too often can create a irritating odor and may be harmful.

So instead of using insect repellent or chemical sprays, here is a solution.

Using only kitchen ingredients, you can stay calm and free from these insects.

One of them is by using brown sugar which is used as a mosquito trap.

See here how to use it.

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally

Here are some ways that can be used to get rid of mosquitoes at home naturally.

1. Liquid Brown Sugar

If there are too many mosquitoes in your house and they are difficult to control, you can try using traps to get rid of them.

Natural ingredients that can be used to trap mosquitoes are liquid brown sugar.

This material is definitely easy to find at home because we usually use it for kitchen purposes.

How to make it, you can melt some red chips by heating it.

After that use a plastic bottle that is divided in half and smeared with this brown sugar liquid.

Keep the funnel of the bottle upside down to cover the brown sugar.

Put the bottle in a place where there are lots of mosquitoes.

2. Lemongrass Leaves and Stems

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The next natural ingredient that can be used for how to repel mosquitoes is lemongrass leaves and stems.

Usually we might use this material as a spice in the kitchen to process food, but it turns out it can be used to repel mosquitoes.

Lemongrass leaves and stems have a distinctive aroma that mosquitoes do not like.

How to use it, you can pound or grind it first so that the aroma comes out.

Then put it in a container and mix it with water in a spray bottle as a spray liquid.

After that the liquid can be sprayed into the room where there are many mosquitoes nesting.

3. Coffee Powder

The coffee grounds that we usually use to make drinks or food can actually be a natural ingredient to repel mosquitoes.

We all know that coffee grounds do have a distinctive aroma.

The difference is that if we might like the smell of fragrant coffee, it turns out that we don’t like mosquitoes.

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How to use it, you can sprinkle coffee grounds into a puddle of water that has a lot of mosquito larvae.

The coffee grounds can absorb oxygen and make mosquito larvae die because they can’t breathe.

You can choose this method in addition to cleaning or draining the water that has the mosquito larvae.

Vinegar as a Mosquito Repellent

Besides being harmful to breathing, some commercial bug sprays are also not always preferred for use around children or pets and are expensive.

Mosquito repellent made with vinegar is an effective, relatively easy, and inexpensive way to ward off mosquitoes and roaming pests.

According to Hunker, vinegar is a natural, strong-smelling ingredient that mosquitoes don’t like.

These tiny insects will release their bite when they sense a strong odor like vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is preferable to white vinegar mixed with water. However, both vinegars can be used.

The trick, mix a cup of white vinegar with three cups of water and add a teaspoon of dish soap to make the solution more effective.

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