Naked Foreigner in Bali Dance Performance Allegedly Depressed Out of Money

Naked Foreigner in Bali Dance Performance Allegedly Depressed Out of Money
Naked Foreigner in Bali Dance Performance Allegedly Depressed Out of Money

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Thursday, May 25 2023 07:42 WIB

A German woman naked at a dance performance, Bali. (Photo: Gaddafi)

Denpasar, CNN Indonesia

A German woman, Darja Tuschinski, naked in a dance performance, Bali. The incident occurred at the Puri Saraswati performance venue in Ubud, Gianyar Regency, on Monday (22/5) at around 20.00 WITA.

The police suspected that the foreigner had depression or a mental disorder based on a preliminary examination. The video showing a completely naked foreigner woman has also gone viral on social media.

“The foreigner has a psychiatric disorder or depression. He is in Bali. He no longer has the money to live in Bali,” said Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, Wednesday (24/5) evening.

The foreigner is known to live in Ubud Bungalow, Jalan Raya Monkey Forest, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

According to the chronology, from the statement of the Manager of Lotus Restaurant, I Wayan Sanglah, at that time there was a dance performance on the Puri Saraswati stage. Then, an unidentified foreigner came to the ticket counter. The foreigner had an argument with the ticket guard.

Next, the foreigner forced his way into the venue, then took off his clothes and walked onto the stage where the performance was. Then, he pushed the stage door until the door was broken.

“With this incident, Puri Saraswati staff secured the foreigner then the General Manager of Lotus Restaurant Ubud reported the incident to the owner of Puri Saraswati and also reported the incident to the Ubud Police,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on information from a Lotus Restaurant staff named Made Swastika, at that time a foreigner came wearing a brown negligee and made a fuss and forced his way in, but was blocked by the staff. Unnoticed by the staff, the foreigner took off the clothes he was wearing and barged into the dance performance.

The police also coordinated with Ubud Bungalow staff, I Wayan Darmawan. He confirmed that the foreigner lived in Ubud Bungalow. He started staying overnight on Wednesday (17/5) around 13.00 WITA and checked out on Monday (22/5). This foreigner lives alone.

Meanwhile, while living in Ubud Bungalow, the Caucasians were often naked and walking around the villa.

The Ubud Bungalow staff took the foreigner to I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport after checking out on Monday morning. However, at around 12.00 WITA, he returned to Ubud Bungalow and asked the staff for permission to temporarily stay in the lobby on the grounds that he was waiting for his girlfriend.

Furthermore, at around 19.00 WITA the Ubud Bungalow staff told this foreigner to leave because he had disturbed the guests who were staying. He left but his bag and suitcase were left behind.

At 23.00 WITA the Ubud Police Police received a report and checked the foreigner at Ubud Bungalow. The police then secured him.

“After meeting with the owner of the Ubud Bungalow, police officers together with the Gianyar Regency Satpol PP accompanied by the owner of the Ubud Bungalow escorted the foreigner to the Bangli Mental Hospital (RSJ),” he explained.

Meanwhile, the owner of Lotus Restaurant or the owner of Puri Saraswati Ubud did not have a problem with the Caucasians’ actions who were completely naked on the Puri Saraswati Ubud stage, and that night they also carried out a ceremony or delivered a piduka teacher.

“This foreigner stayed in different places and did not want to pay and was taken to the Bangli Hospital on Monday (22/5) at around 24.00 WITA to receive medical treatment and is currently still being treated at the Bangli Hospital,” he said.


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