This is Adam Suseno, not Adam Levine

This is Adam Suseno, not Adam Levine
This is Adam Suseno, not Adam Levine

JAKARTA, – Dangdut singer Inul Daratista invites her husband, Adam Suseno, to the Pestapora stage at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Friday (23/9/2022).

When Adam Suseno was called by Inul Daratista to come on stage, the audience immediately became hysterical.

The audience is dominated by women.

Not wanting to take Adam Suseno away, Inul Daratista immediately hugged her husband.

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“Mas Adam is not a crocodile, you know. Here, Mas Adam, don’t shake,” said Inul Daratista before singing “Arjunanya Crocodile”.

“This is Mas Adam, not Adam Levine,” said Inul Daratista while hugging Adam Suseno.

On the same occasion, Inul Daratista explained a little about her love journey with Adam Suseno.

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“But what is clear is that he is not a crocodile. He has planted me from being a virgin until I am not. His assistant is a crocodile, the important thing is that you are not a crocodile,” said Inul Daratista.

Inul Daratista showed an energetic stage act.

Just like the usual stage, he showed a rocking drill.

Besides “Arjunanya Crocodile”, Inul Daratista performed the songs “Shaken Shake”, “The Past”, “Pamer Bojo”, “Crocodile Buntung”, “Ojo Dibandingke” and “Goyang Inul”.

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It is known, previously the name Adam Suseno suddenly became the spotlight after rumors emerged of singer Adam Levine cheating on his wife.

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