Queen Elizabeth II’s Last Request Before Death, Very Touching

Queen Elizabeth II’s Last Request Before Death, Very Touching
Queen Elizabeth II’s Last Request Before Death, Very Touching


Queen Elizabeth II’s body was buried on Monday (19/9/22). The ceremony was organized by the British Empire and witnessed by the entire world community.

Interestingly, the funeral was carried out according to Queen Elizabeth II’s own wishes, Mother. The ceremony was designed in the dream of the queen.

Thousands of members of the British Armed Forces lined up very neatly. Hundreds of world leaders also came to offer their condolences.



The queen, who died at the age of 96, chose her final resting place in a special place. He is not buried in the monument bearing his own name, but in the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth II’s body was buried next to her beloved parents, King George VI and Queen Mother Elizabeth, who now reside at Windsor Castle.

There, he also gathered with his sister, Princess Margaret, and his beloved late husband Prince Philip. It was the queen’s last wish.

According to historian Robert Hardman who is also the author Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, the queen did not want her body to be treated in a special way.

“He didn’t want to see a statue of himself or even have a separate burial chamber inside St. George’s Chapel. As his cousin Margaret Rhodes once told me, he just wanted to make his father proud,” Hardman said. People.

Since being crowned head of the British Empire in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II has spent her entire life preparing for the continuation of the nation and her family.

The Platinum Jubilee procession which was held for 10 days was the last gift from the queen to her nation, Mother.

“She didn’t want the pomp and ceremony for herself, but she recognized the role she played. Even in her death, she still served,” said royal biographer Penny Junor.

When the woman who had ruled for 70 years was buried, her entire family gathered together to send her off. Read on the next page, Mother.

Also watch the video about the change in the title of a member of the British royal family after the death of the queen:

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