Recall PCX and ADV 160 due to Pulley Assy, this is the effect if left

Recall PCX and ADV 160 due to Pulley Assy, this is the effect if left
Recall PCX and ADV 160 due to Pulley Assy, this is the effect if left

PT Astra Honda Motor or AHM has written to a number of owners of the Honda ADV 160 and PCX 160 who are experiencing problems with the CVT component, namely the Pulley Assy Driven. In fact, AHM has asked them to bring and have their motorbike checked at the nearest AHASS repair shop.

AHM’s certainty to recall the Honda ADV and PCX 160 due to problems in the Pulley Assy Driven section was also confirmed by the Senior Manager of Corporate Communication of PT AHM, Rina Listiani. He said that his party had indeed written to certain consumers to bring the motorcycle unit to the AHASS workshop.

According to Rina, AHM’s decision to recall the two models is solely to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of consumers. That is why, his party waived the cost of checking and repairing the motor unit.



“Yes, that’s right, we have invited consumers to check and repair at the AHASS workshop. This program has been started since September, and there have been several (consumers) who have brought their vehicles,” said Rina to detikOto, Saturday (24/9/2022).

Through a letter sent to PCX and ADV 160 consumers, AHM asked them to immediately bring the unit to an official AHASS workshop. Because, through inspection, it was found that there was an uneven thickness of the part due to an imperfect production process.

Then, what happens, right, if the ADV and PCX 160 owners who have been written to by AHM don’t immediately bring their vehicles to AHASS?

AHM asserted, if left alone, he was afraid that noise would appear in the CVT area and could result in a decrease in performance in that section. So, to avoid this from happening, consumers are called to AHASS to check or even replace the Pulley Assy.

Not all Honda ADV and PCX 160 are recalled

Furthermore, Rina Listiani ensured that not all owners of the Honda ADV 160 and PCX 160 had to bring their vehicles to AHASS, only vehicles with certain frame numbers were ‘invited’ to be recalled.

“Yes, not all. Only certain order numbers and these are all free,” said Rina Listiani.

For those who have Honda PCX 160 and ADV 160 at home, and are curious about whether your motorcycle will be affected by the recall or not, you can open the official AHM website and scroll down the menu and select the ‘Product Update’ option.

There, you will be asked to fill in several important fields, starting from the name of the vehicle owner, cell phone number, to the vehicle frame number. If this method is confusing, you can directly contact the Honda Customer Care service which is also listed on the AHM page.

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