Automatic Car Parking, Shift Lever to P or Pull the Handbrake First?

JAKARTA, – Often the drivers of cars with automatic or automatic transmissions feel the shift lever is shifted a bit hard when parking on an incline or descent. Many think that these conditions can damage the gearbox.

This assumption turned out to be wrong, because it would not damage the gearbox. However, there are ways that can be done to get around this condition.

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Technical Service Division Executive Coordinator of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Bambang Supriyadi, said, if you want to feel smooth when moving the gear lever, you should pull the handbrake first when parking.

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“As soon as the car stops, pull the handbrake first, then move to P. Don’t turn it around,” said Bambang, to reporters, when met in Sunter, some time ago.

If the order is reversed, according to Bambang, then the pawl lock lock to the gearbox is not smooth. And vice versa when you want to walk. Move the lever from P, then pull the handbrake.

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The loud sound comes from the pawl lock that is removed from the gearbox. Because the pawl lock is in a condition to withstand the weight of the car.

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Hermas Efendi Prabowo, owner of the Worner Matic automatic car repair shop, said that immediately shifting to P is also not a problem, because it will not damage the gearbox.

“It’s just normal mechanical work. If you park on a flat road, there’s no difference,” said Hermas, to, some time ago.

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