Book Review, The Scream of a Wife’s Heart

Book Review, The Scream of a Wife’s Heart
Book Review, The Scream of a Wife’s Heart
May 26, 2023 13:34 |

Updated: May 26, 2023 13:40

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Review of the book of the scream of a wife’s heart


The families of Sakinah and Budiman figures live side by side in harmony. Life’s problems made this family change their place of residence in the hope that their life would have a better development. Sakinah, who works as a teacher, always motivates her husband’s life to have a better life. But fate said otherwise. Her husband died in an accident hit by a motorcycle.. and sakinah accepts that situation as her destiny.

This book describes the struggle of a wife named Sakinah in facing various challenges in her life. After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Sakinah accepts this situation as her destiny.

Theme and Premise: This book describes the story of a wife who is strong and steadfast in facing life’s trials. This could be an interesting theme for readers interested in stories of resilience and hope in the midst of adversity.

Character Development: Sakinah’s character is the main focus of this book. From my description, it can be seen that she is a figure who motivates her husband and tries to create a better life for his family. Good character development can help readers connect emotionally with the characters in the story.

Storytelling: From the story description this book focuses on Sakinah’s life journey after losing her husband. How he faces challenges and accepts his destiny will be the centerpiece of the narrative. Good storytelling can keep readers interested and get them involved in the main character’s emotional journey.

Mugiarni wrote the book “Screams of a Wife’s Heart”, which is his own work. In this case, as a writer, I will tell my own work

As a writer and story creator, I express your thoughts, emotions and ideas through the narratives and characters that I create. In this case, Sakinah’s story is a strong and steadfast wife, who faces life’s trials and accepts her destiny.

As a writer, I have the opportunity to explore themes such as resilience, hope, and the journey of life through Sakinah’s character and interactions with other characters. Good character development and an engaging storyline will help readers connect with the story and feel the emotions it conveys.

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