Caring for the Cianjur Earthquake, Kompas Gramedia through AkuBaca Donates Books in Refugees

Caring for the Cianjur Earthquake, Kompas Gramedia through AkuBaca Donates Books in Refugees
Caring for the Cianjur Earthquake, Kompas Gramedia through AkuBaca Donates Books in Refugees

CIANJUR, KOMPAS.TV – An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 shook Cianjur City and its surroundings on November 21, 2022. The impact of the earthquake in Cianjur was not only infrastructure in the form of buildings but also had an impact on the mental condition of the community, especially children.

Apart from logistics, assistance in the form of mental strengthening/trauma healing for affected children is urgently needed at the evacuation sites.

Departing from this, Kompas Gramedia through the Nusantara Literacy Movement program – AkuBaca took the initiative to provide book donation assistance to children in the Sedong Kulon Village refugee camp, RT 02/RW 22, Bojong Herang Village, Cianjur City District (21/01/2023) .

Book donations for children affected by the Cianjur earthquake were also delivered by Kompas Book Publishers (PBK).

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Not only sharing books, the AkuBaca Team also organizes storytelling activities to provide comfort to these children.

This activity was welcomed by the Head of RT 02/RW 22 Sedong Kulon Yayan Village.

“On behalf of the community here, I thank you for sending books from Kompas Gramedia, these books are very helpful and entertaining for our children here, so they have quite good activities, can read and gain knowledge,” said the head of the RT. 02/RW 22 Kampung Sedong Kulon Yayan.

The storytelling activity was enlivened by the distribution of puppets by Kompas Gramedia Adventure (KGA), a community of nature lovers KG employees. The dolls that were distributed were donated by KG employees raised by the KGA team.

On the same occasion, the Kompas Humanitarian Fund Foundation (YDKK) together with Gitaris Indonesia also distributed logistical assistance to survivors of the Cianjur earthquake victims who were still living in evacuation sites.

Logistical assistance was distributed at two points, namely Sedong Kulon Village, RT 02/RW 22, Bojong Herang Village, Cianjur Kota District and Ciwelan Village, Warungkondang District, Cibinong Village.

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Community & CSR Analyst Kompas Gramedia Mochamad Ardiyanto said that this series of activities departed from Kompas Gramedia’s concern for the survivors of the earthquake in Cianjur. Business units and employees show concern for earthquake survivors through their respective contributions.

Mochamad Ardiyanto hopes that conditions in Cianjur will soon recover and the community can return to their daily lives safely and comfortably.

“We saw that many children were affected by the Cianjur earthquake at the evacuation site, not only the logistics needed at the location, but also the children who needed help to recover their sense of trauma from what had just happened to them.”

“It is hoped that with storytelling activities and donations of reading books from the Nusantara Literacy Movement – AkuBaca, it can provide support to children in refugee camps so that they are able to rise from sadness,” said Mochamad Ardiyanto.

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