5 Things You Should Do When Your Friend’s Book Publishes

5 Things You Should Do When Your Friend’s Book Publishes
5 Things You Should Do When Your Friend’s Book Publishes

Maybe for everyone who has a hobby of writing he has a dream to be able to publish his writings into a book. To publish a book is not as easy as imagined. We must meet the quality criteria that have been determined by the publisher. Therefore, to publish a book often takes a long time. Because you have to really practice your writing skills to be able to produce good quality writing. Well, when your friend succeeds in publishing a book, then you have to appreciate him. Here are five things you should do when your friend publishes a book.

1. Give congratulations as appreciation

The first thing you should do when you find out your friend’s book is published, is to congratulate him. It aims to give appreciation to him.

In addition, the congratulations you give can give him additional motivation to continue working. As a result, he will be more enthusiastic about trying to write and publish a book again.

2. Support it by not asking for free books

When you find out that your friend has published a book, don’t ever ask your friend for a free book. It’s the same as you don’t appreciate the effort that has been issued by your garden.

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If you have sustenance then try to buy your friend’s book as a form of appreciation. If you still can’t afford to buy it at least you have congratulated him.

3. Invite him to share his experiences

If you also want to publish a book, then you can ask your friends to share their experiences in publishing the book.

The experience that your friend has will really help you in the writing process. You will learn many things from the experience experienced by your friend.

4. Give him suggestions and input

Of course, every book must have advantages and disadvantages in the eyes of everyone. Because, everyone must have a different view of each book.

Therefore, it is important for you to be able to provide suggestions and input to your friends based on the views you have. With these suggestions and input, it will add to the insights that your friends have.

5. Helping with the promotion of your friend’s book

If you have a lot of followers on social media, then you can also help promote your friend’s recently published book. This will greatly help your friend’s book sales. Besides that, you should do this when you still can’t afford to buy a book that your friend published.

Those are five things you should do when your friend successfully publishes the book he wrote. The most important thing is that you have to be able to give appreciation to your friend. If you can’t give appreciation by buying a book, then at least you should be able to congratulate him.

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