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The launch of the book “Treading the Footsteps of Siti Walidah” ​​was attended by prominent figures. (Humas UMM/KLIKMU.CO)

Surakarta, CLICKMU.CO – Siti Walidah, wife of Ahmad Dahlan founder of Muhammadiyah, has extraordinary services. Apart from establishing Aisyiyah, she also plays a role in increasing the dignity of women.

So, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) together with the Central Executive (PP) Aisyiyah held soft launch and discussed the book “Treading the Footsteps of Siti Walidah” last November 18 at the Muktamar Fair, Surakarta. A number of figures were also present to participate in the discussion and review of the book.

One of them is Prof. Dr. Siti Chamamah Soeratno. He said that Siti Walidah was a role model for Chamamah’s life. Especially with the attitudes and actions of Siti Walidah who were able to respond to the demands of the times, Chamamah was inspired and improved herself.

According to him, Siti Walidah or Nyai Ahmad Dahlan’s good personality came from a family that prioritized education.

“Not only that, the values ​​that exist in the family are practiced by Nyai Ahmad Dahlan in everyday life. He is also good at encouraging others and being a light when circumstances don’t allow it,” he explained.

The same thing was conveyed by Dr Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari. He who once served as minister of health said that Nyai Ahmad Dahlan inspired him to continue to strive and contribute to the nation. Mainly in the world of health that he did.

In the book, it is told how hard Siti Fadilah worked when she was entrusted with becoming the minister of health. One of them is his feud with the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding bird flu.

He believes that the bird flu vaccine is not necessary. Even with his rejection of the idea of ​​bird flu being transmitted from human to human. All of that is based on scientific research, not just his opinion.

Siti Fjudi’s struggle was not in vain. Bird flu, which was so deadly, did not develop into a pandemic because it was able to prove that there was no human-to-human transmission. It made the eyes and support flow to him.

Also present was Dra Yuli Mumpuni Widarso who had served as Indonesian ambassador in Algeria and Spain. He knew Aisyiyah from her mother who was involved there. Moreover, his mother is also a teacher at a Muhammadiyah high school.

Yuli sees that the simplicity of the Muhammadiyah people gives added value in the eyes of the community. Even with a strong commitment to efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia without strings attached.

“Those values ​​are what I always adhere to and practice in my daily life. Even with my efforts when holding the mandate as ambassador,” he said.

As for Siti Walidah or Nyai Ahmad Dahlan, she is also a national hero. When Muhammadiyah was founded in 1912, she always supported her husband’s cause. One of them is by seeking the education of women in several villages such as Kauman, Lempuyangan, Krangkajen and others.

The book “Treading the Footsteps of Siti Walidah” also describes the common thread of Siti Walidah’s struggle with the potentials of today’s women. How women follow in his footsteps and work in their respective fields. (Wildan/USA)

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