Wow! Solo Untold Story Reveals a Profile of Tourism Potential that Hasn’t Been on Wikipedia –

Wow! Solo Untold Story Reveals a Profile of Tourism Potential that Hasn’t Been on Wikipedia –
Wow! Solo Untold Story Reveals a Profile of Tourism Potential that Hasn’t Been on Wikipedia –

SOLOPOS.COM – The Solo Untold Story book was launched by the Solo City Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) at the Horizon Aziza Hotel, Solo. Thursday (24/11/2022). (Solopos/Persistent Windar Pratama)

Solopos.comSOLO — The Culture and Tourism Office or Disbudpar Kota Solo launched a tourism potential profile book entitled Solo Untold Story: Beyond What You See. The contents of the book summarize tourism potentials that are considered not widely known by the public or visited as tourist sites in the city of Solo.

In fact, the material in the book is said not to be on the page yet wikipedia. The book launch after more than 100 pages was held at the Horison Aziza Hotel, Pasar Kliwon District, Solo, Thursday (24/11/2022). Expected book Solo Untold Story This can introduce the profile of tourism in Bengawan City.

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In his remarks, the Head of Tourism Destinations and Marketing for the Solo Disbudpar, Gembong Hadi Wibowo, hopes that the launch of the Solo Untold Story book can be a picture of tourism in the city of Solo as well as reaching millennials.

“I hope that the launch of this book can tell the interesting sides of tourism in the city of Solo, by reaching millennials as well as introducing more to the culture of the city of Solo,” he said.

In books Solo Untold Story There are five chapters each containing profiles of tourist attractions in the city of Solo, ranging from events, historical sites, public spaces, culinary delights to sundries. In the events chapter there is a discussion of the Sekaten event, the Adang Sega Tradition, the Banjar People’s Samin Porridge, and Clean Mbah Meyek Village.

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Meanwhile, in the historical places chapter, there are several locations where the story is highlighted, such as Lokananta, Radya Pustaka Museum, Mamba’ul Ulum to Ndalem Jayakusuman. Meanwhile, in the Public Space, there is the Ngebrusan Ponten, Jurug Park, and Jebres Station.

In the culinary chapter there is a discussion about the history of tengkleng, liwet rice to kere satay, there is also the tradition of drinking tea and angkringan in Bengawan City. Whereas in the last chapter, it deals with sundries regarding the history of the Rajamala Ship, Kemalyan Village, Villapark Banjarsari to the Samanhudi Museum.

Challenges in Composing a Solo Untold Story Book

According to the author and compiler of the book Solo Untold Story, Heri Priyatmoko, the book raises various untouched tourism potentials in the city of Solo. Both in terms of perspective or other unique things.

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“I want to tell the city of Solo in more detail and take things that are not in Wikipedia or textbooks. Because if the general public doesn’t see the city of Solo as something unique to the public and wants to show that these stories have relevance that can be conveyed to the public,” he explained to

According to the Lecturer at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, he went through various challenges in compiling the book. Because it takes from primary sources, according to Heri, it requires a strict selection of themes and also relevance to current events.

“The challenge is to determine the theme first, in the end we then look for something that is urgent and presented in the form of relevance, for example when [pandemi] Our theme for Covid-19 is Jebres Station, which used to be the location where the bubonic plague first entered the city of Solo,” he explained.

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Regarding when the book will be marketed widely, Heri said it is still being discussed further. According to him, there are still some revisions to be done.

“We still don’t know when it will start to be marketed, because there are still revisions regarding the design or some terms such as whether to use angkringan or hik and other details,” he concluded.

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